Medyna Stargazer
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Physical Traits Edit

Small by the standards of the Kaldorei, Medyna's petite, delicately muscular figure rests at almost a head shorter than most others of her kin. Her angular, finely boned fatures are exaggerated by the paleness of her lavender skin, marred by three old, deep scars running over each of her dimly glowing eyes from forehead to chin Her face is half hidden by a mane of thick, white hair trailing past her waist. Another thin, pale scar flicks across her right cheek, tracing the line of her high cheekbone. Other various scars adorn her body, the most notable of which covers her stomach; a jagged line leading from her left hip to the base of her ribs on her right. A deep purple symbol of a star encircled by a crescent moon is visible on the palm of her left hand, over the joint of her thumb. Her movements show she favours her right arm; her left is kept close to her body, the shoulder adorned with deep scarring. Her movements are quick and graceful as to be expected of a Kal'dorei, but somewhat cautious and restrained.

Mostly quiet and reserved, Medyna prefers to keep her thoughts to herself, unless she feels she has something genuinely important to say (or is asked). She is quite often seen with a frown on her face, but Medyna is quick to laugh and quicker still to flash a mischievous grin. Her voice is calm and melodic, carrying a noticeable Darnassian accent. She speaks carefully and quietly, seldom raising her soft voice.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Priestess. Although she'd prefer it if you didn't call her that.

Previously followed the ways of a rogue, and still enjoys keeping her physical skills up to speed.


Dead of Winter The Vanguard of Vigilance


Skinner and armourcrafter - be it leather or cloth, there's a high chance she can put something together.

Medyna has recently joined the Vanguard, aiding their excursions in the Barrens as a healer.

She has a passion for exploration, and can sometimes be found wandering aimlessly around cities and wilderness alike.


Mother: Mae'lynn Stargazer. Medyna will only reluctantly speak of her mother, and even then, has nothing complementary to say about her.

Father: Unknown.

No known brothers or sisters, but is very close to Shafara Shimmersea-Serafol, despite their arguments.


Growing up relatively wild in Ashenvale, Medyna strayed far and wide, but was always brought back to safety by either of her foster parents (Rash'an and Liaama Shimmersea), their daughter, Shafara, or her long term partner, Kalyon Gladestalker. As the pair grew older, they began to explore further from Ashenvale itself, sometimes nearing the borders of Kalimdor, taking on small tasks - either legal or not.

After several minor conflicts, the group were eventually outmatched by superior force, leaving only two survivors - Medyna and Shafara, Medyna with what may have proved to be grievous wounds, if it hadn't been for her foster sister's healing abilities. Because of this, within Medyna Stargazer burns an unending hatred against the whole green-skinned race. Shafara cannot remember much, if any, or her past, and due to an oath made to Liaama, Medyna holds herself responsible for Shafara's wellbeing.

Despite the fact she could not have saved her companions, Medyna has carried with her a great burden of guilt for many years, which is only recently being lifted. In an attempt to come to terms with her inner grief, she took it upon herself to study the priestly ways, hoping that if she found the ability to heal the wounds of others, she would in time be able to heal herself. However, the holy magic filled her with a sense of self righteousness which she could not abide, and naturally, she rebelled. In a minor slip of concentration, she revealed her lack of faith to one of the Sisters of Elune with whom she had become close, and in the short time following this, received the scars adorning her face, and subsequently losing her sight. This obvious weakness only bolstered her resolve, and she learned to live in her crippled state.

Family BackgroundEdit

Medyna was born in Ashenvale several millenia ago to the huntress Mae'lynn Stargazer, and an unknown father. Her mother had no desire to care for the child, and so Medyna was left to a pair of friends - Liaama and Rash'an Shimmersea, and their daughter, Shafara Shimmersea.

Criminal RecordEdit

There are probably many small, black marks against Medyna's name. Each she takes in her stride, and fewer are probably listed than have occured, due to the elf's pride of "Not getting caught...". She has had a recent and enjoyable run in with piracy, despite what she may admit, and will happily twist any rule to her will, if she thinks it will prove profitable.

Personal NotesEdit

Medyna appears fascinated by rubies, for no reason. She also dislikes mead, but any other alcoholic drink is just fine. She also bears a loathing for all forms of magical teleportation, and is terrified of both spiders and murlocs.

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