Alignment Edit

Chaotic Good

Background Edit

(Will be added)

Home Location Edit

Tends to wander a lot, but usually stays in Shattrath City or Booty Bay. Makes occasional visits to Silvermoon.

Occupation Edit

Rogue for hire, occasional privateer.

Appearance Edit

Average height and build, nothing of note about him other than his aged appearance.

Guild Edit


Family Edit

Eras Redgrave (Father) - Deceased

Ania Dawnlight(Mother) - Deceased

Quotes Edit

"Seemed like a good idea at the time.." (Usually said after he gets himself put in the infirmary after one of his jobs)

"Some people say that the rogues way of fighting is dishonorable and cowardly..probably why I'm alive and they're not hm?" (On being accused to cheating in a fight)

Criminal Record Edit

Drunk and Disorderly,





Grand Theft Charger,

Impersonation of a Blood Knight and


All fines and penalties have yet to be paid, anyone who has seen this individual please report to your local law enforcement.

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