Menora Galesinger
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Hear now how the wind is blowing;
can you hear it calling?
The journey has begun...

Know that on this path you face
there's no one to replace:
you are the only one...

Physical TraitsEdit

Menora is a lithe Tauren maiden who moves with grace. The look of amber-coloured eyes appears often a bit unfocused or absentminded, as if she was watching two sceneries at the same time. She keeps small feathers tied to her auburn mane, which is nevertheless slightly unruly; as if to signal that even her mild spirit can hardly be tamed. Her voice is quite deep but pleasant, and when she sings, it seems to gain almost extraordinary power.


Menora is a Shaman by calling: although her training is far from being complete, she seems to have established a fairly close bond with the Earth and Fire. She claims to have the ability to speak with the spirits, especially while dreaming and if the spirit is a lost one.

Menora is a relatively adept skinner and capable of cooking, and little of the prey she hunts goes waste. In fact, she believes that it is the best way to honour the spirits of the slain animals.


Parents Terak Galesinger and Unna Stormsinger - alive

Siblings Rehko, Otan and Gral Galesinger - alive

Extended family consists of two uncles, one aunt, several cousins and one grand-uncle.


Menora was brought up in a traditional way and lived a relatively secluded and peaceful life. Until her time to answer the call of hunt came, she spent most of her time among her tribe, sitting on a cliff and singing for the rain to come or wandering around the lush greens of Mulgore. When she finally ventured further from home and came to meet the Blood Elves and the Forsaken, she was both confused and curious, as her first experiences and impressions of both races - and especially the Sin'dorei - were already somewhat contradictory. Alliance, on the other hand, was deemed an enemy from the moment she witnessed a small raid party assault the Crossroads: Menora arrived at the town just as the party had fled, but she aided in healing the victims. From that point forward, she has been working for the Horde and doing small tasks in Barrens, convinced that mutual assistance and cooperation are the best ways of defending their lands and driving the power-hungry Alliance away.

Family BackgroundEdit

Galesingers are a relatively young and small Tauren tribe, having earned their name from their brave deeds during the Third War. The tribe consists mainly of Shamans, more specifically those of Restoration or Elementalism path, and they have close relationship with the Stormsinger clan, for example. They are proud followers of Cairne and also respect Thrall even if they view their "eastern allies" (i.e. Forsaken and Blood Elves) with some suspicion.

Personal NotesEdit

  • Menora prefers running on her own feet over riding or Spirit Wolf form. She seems to have access to both in need, however.
  • For reason or another, Menore tends to speak "like a book", hardly using any contractions and sometimes opting for formal language even when it wouldn't necessarily be needed.

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