The Last Chapter

Merdan was ordered, or more asked in all honesty, to aid in an expedition force that would travel by sea to discover new lands in Azeroth. The journey would take long and his return was not to be expected for atleast two years. Yet several months passed and there was no news from the ship, no letters, signals or messanger birds. The journey was considered a failiure and the crew were titled "Missing in Action" after search parties did not report any findings of the ship.

The following text is a qoute of a letter that those closest to Merdan recieved a year after the journey that Merdan took:

"On behalf of The Argent Dawn and Crusade we offer our condolences.

We must regretibly inform you that Merdan Qualaei have been reported missing in action when traveling the

western seas of Kalimdor on a private owned ship. This soldier was a grear asset to the Argent Crusade.

His deeds shall be remembered and his passing honoured by the light.

Light be with you."

This however did not kill Merdan. Months later he apeared on the shores of Tanaris, stranded. From there he was rescued by his friends and taken back to Silvermoon. Soon after his recovery Merdan gathered his belongings and began traveling. He was hunting something unknown and of great dark powers. He succeded in finding his target and fought it on several occations without any succes. Now Merdan returned to Silvermoon and there he was fooled by his enemy. He was lured in to a trap where his enemies were waiting in an ambush. Merdan Qualaei died in this ambush yet his spirit was salvaged by the Holy Light.


Merdan was a Paladin that didn't believe in the Alliance, nor the Horde. He followed the Argent Crusade/Dawn instead and his own guild's code. He welcomed any Alliance in his pressence. He was a healer but also well trained in combat against The Scourge and demons. He denied the Blood Knight he once was to take a more honourable path in serving the light, even though the Blood Knights have become more friendly to it aswell. Merdan could be almost as fanatic as the Scarlet Crusade and did not show any form of Kindness to the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade but he learned to treat warlocks with respect. Note that if a Death Knight went through a full redemption or did something honourable to prove himself then Merdan -might- have treated him abit friendlier. His intire life was formed around the light and he devotes himself to 100%. His faith kept him strong through out all his years.
Merdan Qualaei

"Together we stand strong"


Merdan lived together with his family in Andorhal before the Scourge plague. His mother was sweet and caring while his father was strict and disiplined. He had a brother who was kidnapped and not seen in many years aswell. Merdan was tought various forms of combat by his father and aswell standard battleground tactics. He was also raised to be very honourable and seek honour in all of his actions. When the Scourge invasion came Merdan's parents were killed and turned while Merdan fled to the south.

Merdan later returned with his fellow kinsmen up north to the ruins of Silvermoon which had been almost completely destroyed by the Lich King. There he took up arms to defend what was left of Quel'Thalas as a Blood Knight. Yet much later, a path was revieled to him. As his former friends of Eschaton were plotting against the Blood Knights Merdan became confused to which he should follow and which he should fight. So he went missing in the old and corrupted woods of "Western Plaguelands". There he lived for several days until he found a tomb which was not there the last time he had left Lordaeron. Ofcourse he was eiger to explore such a magnificent tomb and as he entered the light of the center of the Tomb the path was revieled. His mind was shaped and he understood that he could not longer be a Blood Knight. Merdan worked long and hard to redeem his acts against the light and when he was ready, he searched for the Argent Dawn instead and joined them as a Paladin. He served them until he was strong enouth to help in the war against the Burning legion and there he served the Aldor. Now he serve in Northrend with the Argent Crusade in Icecrown.

Arian "Death is the servant of the righteous"

Not long before the Scourge invasion of Azeroth, Merdan was gone on a crusade campain in Netherstorm with the Aldor. On his return people seemed to believe that he had fallen in the Plaguelands and died. Yet Merdan did not correct this but choise to hide his identity when he returned to the Argent Dawn. Though he was caught by an old companion and fellow Paladin. Alexus had reqognised him and so he had offially returned. At this point the Scourge invasion began, Merdan, Alexus and another Paladin, Crímson set out as three paladins trained in the three different aspects of the Light. They fought and countered as much of the Scourge Minions as possible and apon the sea of sand in Tanaris they countered a whole summoning crystal by themselves. They returned to the city of Silvermoon when the word of a plague spreading reached them. Well back in Silvermoon they tried to cleanse as many citizens as possible, yet it was impossible to stop the plague and soon the whole city was infected, killing citizens and rising zombies from their corpses.

Even during this these three did not faulter and they managed to live through. Now Merdan was intrusted by Alexus and her family and he was taken to see Alexus Grandfather, Alaister. Alaister being what he is you can imagen this being a great honour for Merdan and was it not for the denieal of Alaister, Merdan would be sworn to serve him. Yet when Alaister fell, sometime after that, Merdan was given his old sword. A great sword forged by Alaister that carried the firey breath of dragons apon it. The sword was named Arian and in Merdan's hands it was burning clearly with a mixture of light and dragon flames. On the metal of this sword the following words were maced: "Death is the servant of the righteous"

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