Mezznos is Kall's voidwalker. Mezznos is female, bad-tempered and silent (for the most part). Although she prefers not to, she speaks Demonic and some broken Common. She understands the latter better than she speaks it. Her pet hate is being referred to as "he" - she uses this as an excuse to hurt things. Garrot annoys her. She has a soft spot for Sruulum.


Mezznos. No other names.

Physical TraitsEdit

Well... er, Mezznos is a blue-purple, um. How can I put this? She's a voidwalker. She's a blue-purple ethereal blob of damage absorption.


Mezznos isn't anything special. Although she gained a few more human elements since gaining Kall as a master (for once, she gets punished for not showing mercy - this is something that is taking some getting used to), she blends in well with other demons. She has no notable previous masters to speak of.

Personal NotesEdit

A minion of Kall's.

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