Mialee Katarznia Zatahl Edit


Magistrix Mialee Katarznia Zatahl/En'Thalas ( though she uses her mothers last name more )

Age Edit

Appears to be around her mid to late teens

Physical TraitsEdit

Mialee and long platium blonde hair normally in a ponytail so she doesnt get it caught on fire, She happens to wear a little make up with a soft glowing smile and bright golden green eyes. Long toned figure often dressed in a rather expensive looking robes.


Magistrix mialee

Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf mage

Guild Edit

Hand Of Vengence


Magistrix of Silvermoon appentice to Cailope.


Mother: Alexus Zatahl

Father: Elathan En'Thalas

Brother: Crimson Greatwind, Kyoto Archrion

Sister: Xai Archrion

Nieces and Nephews: Rydanir and Liatria

Husband: Endhelven Elanessë

Step-Daughters: Isilwen Elanessë, Kittiera Elanessë



Mialee was born from Alexus and Elathan raised in secret and away from most of the world where she excelled in literature and magic, having a nature and profound talent for fire she returns to Silvermoon where she is set to become a Magistrix. While after a while she is told that she has learnt and read all there is to know about magic she refuses to believe it, in search for more she asks the help of Cailope a woman with vaste knowledge and magic. Cailope agrees to take Mialee under her "wing" and her journey begins once more in a attempt to better understands the mysteries of Azeroth.

Criminal RecordEdit

None shes crystal clean

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff. Theme tunes?

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