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Name Edit

"Bloodsail Admiral" Mollei (Second name is unknown)

Is sometimes called "Bounce" by friends, -hates- to be called "Mole" (as in "Mollei Mole" or something).

Commonly just called "Mol" by friends. She made her own name up, from a ring she had when she was a child (which is now one of her ear-rings). It had a named scraped into it, but due to Mollei's lack of reading ability, she thought it just said "Mollei" (And she thought that Mollei sounded neat).


Mollei is the average height of gnomes, and, like some gnomes is slightly plump (due to the fact she eats alot). She has short messy

WoWScrnShot 012509 122815

Mollei.. looking bright! (Which she isn't)

pink hair that goes down to her shoulders, its commonly messy and not well-kept, because she never can be bothered to groom it! Mollei is pretty much allways seen with goggles on, wether it be a simple green lens or some hight-tech super powerd thorium-charged goggles with Monarch Topaz' lens', refined with Northrends finest Borean leather.. Or just a simple green lens she wears because "It looks neat!".

WoWScrnShot 021309 170548

"Mighty" Mollei

Her face, body, and fighting armour is covered in cuts, scars bruises and nasty looking burn-marks, the majority of them she caused herself from "Accidental engineering accidents" as she calls them. Her clothing varies on what mood she's in, or whatever she thinks looks the neatest at the time, some times she'd wear some smart black clothing or some metal-plated battle armour she'd normally wear when she's getting her head bashed in by something 5 times the size of her (Even though she never wears any headgear). If you some how get to see Mollei without her goggles or lens, you'd see her right eye is damaged, and has a cut in it. (This was from she was told she had candy in her head when she was drunk, and armed with an axe..)

Race + ClassEdit

Mollei is a (lv80) Gnome warrior, but has similar traits to Goblin Sappers, due to the fact she uses sapper charges, and loves to blow stuff up, normally hurting herself in the proses.


No IC guild, is im Utopia in OOC, but is in a clan of Goblin engineers, located in Netherstorm, Area 52.

Occupation and IntrestsEdit

Mollei is quite young, and so she has never had a proper job, usually she does mercenary work for the Alliance, killing scourge and horde alike, never fully pledging herself to the Alliance, and just doing work for money. She joined, and became an admiral of the Bloodsail Buccaneers after slaying the goblins of Booty Bay because they thought there hat "Looked neat!". Her other hobbies would be creating explosive devises, blowing the crap out of stuff, burning things (including people) as she loves Goblin Engineering, and uses it to its full content, because she things Gnomish engineering is a load of boring crap. She also likes to play with and groom her pet Worg, Fluffy McFluffenstien (who hates his owner). But most the time she spends her time in Goldshire, annoying any folk that think they can find a spec sanity in that place. She also loves to name animals and nickname any poor soul that comes across the little horror Mollei.. (Uselly the nicknames being food-related).


Nilly - Sister (twin?)

Mollei doesnt know any other family, when she was born she was handed to a Dwarven family (she never lived in Gnomeregan). She grew up with them to about the age of 9, she was always seen as an outcast, as she was a gnome, and very young. At the age of 9, she was abandoned by the Dwarfs for reasons unknown.


She is young to middle-aged for a gnome, but she's been threw quite a lot for her age. As stated above, she was abandoned as a young child, forcing her to fend for herself. But she had very little education, and even less knowledge of survival. She had two options in the frozen lands of Dun Morogh: Sit out in the cold and die of starvation or freezing to death, or she could take up any weapon she can find (which was a stick) and kill the cute little bunny that had been following her for food. After living years alone in Dun with nothing to survive on but raw rabbit, wolf (And the occasional Trogg) she went a bit "Wrong" in the head. But one day, whilst hunting for some thing to eat with nothing but a shoddy letter opener, she came across a human who was travelling threw Dun Morogh. He was the first human she had ever seen or smelt, she thought he was some sort of alien-demon thing, and her first thought was "SLICE ITS LEGS, GORGE ITS EYES!".. But soon after charging at the human, screaming "AIEEE" she was struck down by him. Although, the human did not kill her.. in fact he felt sorry for her, she sat in the freezing snow, with nothing but some tatty rags, a blunt dagger, and a messed up mind. And so, the human decided he should take her in (which wasnt easy, it was like restraining a 10 year old on ecstasy) but eventually he managed to safely take her to the great city on Ironforge (which, some how, she'd never heard of.. or just forgotten about).

Sadly though, Mollei wasn't used to being around other people, and within the first few days of being in Ironforge, she had stabbed 7 Dwarfs, mugged 5 other gnomes, and set fire to an elf.

The human decided he should teach her all that he knows, it just so turned out, the human was an old warrior of the alliance, retired from fighting now. After years of learning she became quite the strong warrior, and learned how to speak common... properly, anyway. But she never learnt how to read or write, because whenever she tried she just got angry and ate the paper, and tried to set the ink on fire.

One day, after she was exploring Ironforge, she came across Tinker Town, and discovered the wonders of Engineering! She took up lessons, which was quite hard for her, even after years of learning she still was 100% right in the head.. you could say she had minor "learning difficulties". Anything she successfully made she would occidentally blow up within seconds later. And was kicked out of Tinker Town after blowing up the Fireworks shop, 4 times. She then realised she was no good at engineering at all, until she discovered she'd been trying to the wrong type of Engineering. She luckily became a goblin engineering, succeeding in any type of goblin engineering-related task she was assigned too, and soon became a fully-pledged goblin engineer (with her own membership card!).

After that day she's always thought less of Gnomish engineering, and anyone who takes it up.. "There's no fun in Gnomish engineering, no explosions! No boom! Goblin engineering is the best, lots of boom.. Try and spell fun with out Goblin engineering! Try it! See!".. She says..

She is more or less Evil Neutral.. (might add some more some time to Background)

Criminal RecordEdit

Mollei's record is simply full of the same thing: Blowing this up, setting fire to that, skinning that elf... And has nothing "too" major on her record, but if being annoying was against the law, she'd be gone for life...

Ignore any spelling mistakes / Typos, CBA to go over them.

Personal NotesEdit

[Mollei's Copper Coin] "Ooo shiny coin! Wait.. NOO! Come back!"

Mollei has a pet worg pup called "FluffyMcfluffestien" Although his full name is much longer, and every time Mollei says it its different in some way..

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