Monor chibi, being all cute.

Monor's Chibis Edit

Even after he quit, Monor 'Argendor' Felnor is still 'obsessed', so to say, with The Essence.
A nice way to show, is that he made a Monor chibi.


Geis chibi, being all annoyed.

Close after the Monor Chibi followed a Geis Archrion chibi, mocking the fact that most people believe he is blonde. Note how the sign shows "Geis is blonde." Signed BK, standing for Bloodknight.


Vadarz chibi, being all happy. Sindelle chibi, being all scared to death.

Eventually, by popular request on the Remnants of The Essence forum (which Monor still stalks like hell), a Vah'Dharz and Sindelle Corwinhold chibi was made.
One where Vadarz follows Sindelle, trying to lick her. There is also death present in this picture. With a big arrow pointing at it.


Quincy chibi, being all omnomnom.

Other people's Chibis Edit

Posted on the Remnants of the Essence forums (and before that the The Essence forums), was a chibi Quincy Lyon made by Hely.


Hely chibi, being all hyperactively happy?

And also on the The Essence Forums, a chibi Helanya Malcuin, made by herself.

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