Monor art, made by me.

Monor was the leader of the infamous 'The Essence', a personal army contributing to the criminality in various places around Azeroth. He was eventually burnt, and then beheaded, for a large list of crimes he had comitted.

Physical Traits Edit

Monor Face Detail

Monor 'Argendor' Felnor, with scar on face.

Before death: Monor had a pale, somewhat blue-ish skin. He was built fairly slim, slightly muscled, though he was best described as thin. He was usually wearing red with gold equipment, and his typical black-green-red tabard over it. He wore a single red shoulderpad with large fanglike spikes over his right shoulder. He had several scars. The first to notice would be the one on his face, going from the upper-left of his forehead all the way down to about the middle of his right cheek. One very close to it was a small burnmark on the top of his forehead. He hid a major scar under a piece of leather poorly stitched over his mouth, with a hole carved in it to speak. If removed, it would show that most of the skin around his lips - including his lips - was gone. Either torn of, burnt away or simply eaten by maggots, who knows? Several scars adorn his belly. Mostly gutwounds, though several clean slices are present.
His scent is best described as rotten, and you don't even have to look closely to notice in what a poor state Monor's flesh is, especially around often-used areas such as his elbows, knees, feet and hands. The skin on his cheeks looks like it could easily be torn off.
Next up, his hair. It has quite a peculiar colour. It is somewhat green, somewhat blue (see image). It looks very poorly kept.
Also, he might have been undead, but there used to be a lot of life going on in and around him. Maggots and other small insects attempted to enjoy his moisty flesh - though quite often were they killed by Monor himself.

Currently: Most of Monor's remains are nothing but ash, with the exception of his skull, which was saved from the smouldering ashes that was once his body when he was beheaded at his execution. The skull is currently in the possession of the elven bard (and occasional tomb robber), Varath Sindarion.

Personality Edit

Monor is often described as emotion-less, and though he may look so from the outside, a lot went on in his corrupted mind. Firstly, he hated the world. But with a reason. He died, but was still walking. That plain fact made life, so to speak, pure agony. Secondly, he felt betrayed by his father, and no-one saved him. So he figured, why save anyone myself? He felt like everyone looked down on him, and saw that the easiest way of getting respect was through fear.

Mental condition Edit


At the write-out of Monor's death was revealed that Monor was schizophrenic. His split personality called himself 'Ronom', which is simply 'Monor' reversed. This does not mean that it had the opposite personality of Monor, though. Ronom was the power driving Monor, the fuel to his rage, the twister of his logic, the excuse when he felt like he needed one.

Hallucinations Edit

Monor's decaying brain and severly fractured mental condition made his imagination spin images to life before his very eyes. The most important one was The Essence Queen, described by Ronom as the Tiran of the Essence Realm. Other than that, Monor often seemed to see things that weren't there, or seemed to remember something that never happened. Yet, seeing as Monor kept most of his thoughts for himself, the amount of quarrels were kept to a minimum.

Vision of the world Edit

In his eyes, he saw nothing but hostility, competition or simply enemies.

Poorly arranged, and but a thin array of information. More coming. Promised.

Monor watches food

Monor looking at food.

Race and Class Edit

Undead Warrior.
Preferred the title "Monor 'Argendor' Felnor, High Servant and Military Leader of The Essence".

Guild Edit

The Essence

Occupation Edit

Manslaughter, bloodbathing, blackmailing, the usual evil-guy stuff.

Monor Kills Argendor

Monor murdering Argendor, the last known family member, excluding himself.

Family Edit

No close family members - loathes every member he knows, especially his father.

  • Father: Argendor Felnor, murdered at the hands of his son in a raid on Stormwind - organised by Monor.
  • Mother: Unknown.
  • Siblings: Unknown.
  • Children: Akamai Felnor, both Monor and Akamai never knew of each other's existance.

Background Edit

Used to be a human (naturally) but was betrayed by his father, or so he thought, and wound up in a plague-infested village where he was killed by the undead inhabitants.
A forsaken scientist robbed the body for science, while in truth he wanted to continue necromancy. Monor was reborn as undead - was unable to accept reality and locked himself up in a cave, where after an unknown amount of time a voice came to him and told him what he had to do: Murder his father, raise an army to unite the world under his command.

After several failed attempts to recruit members, the Essence Queen came to him, and explained more about the noble goal he had to achieve, and how to. Members now had to be proven worthy before being able to join. This appeared to make people interested, and quickly several Blood Elves had joined, among which eventually Geis Archrion, Seraphiel Ros'vorontir and Quincy Lyon, whom eventually attained the top three ranks in the army, and were in charge whenever Monor was too busy with his own dark practices to be around.

Monor At Nijels Point raid

Monor and The Essence at Nijels Point.

Eventually they came to the point where they challenged every non-Essence member to stop them from Summoning their great Essence Queen from the Essence realm she lived in. It was then that Monor revealed there was no such thing as the Essence Queen, and fled into the portal that was supposed to bring her forth, not knowing what would happen.

Monor aflame

Monor aflame before his excecution.

He woke up after an unknown period of time in a cave, and decided that staying there would be safest. Later, sadly, he was found by Geis and they duelled.

Monor's lack of exercise, and Geis' supreme amount of expertise began giving Geis the upper hand, untill Quincy arrived and bailed Monor out. They fled into the old headquarters of The Essence where they were found by Sithren, probably the best law enforcer on the whole of Azeroth, whom defeated Quincy while Monor snuck out. Not knowing where to go,

Monor's pace was doubtfull, while Sithren was driven by rightiousness, and eventually Monor was captured. He became subject to heavy public torture, both in major Horde cities as in the Alliance capital city. After that, he was burnt, and the scorched, still living corpse that was left was beheaded by (fittingly) Skullsmasher.

The rest of his history is now being written, perhaps even by you.

Family Background Edit

Argendor was a mage conducting unknown research, later caught for dark magical practices and put in jail.

Relations to Edit

cba to add more, feel free to add yourself or someone/something else if you feel he/she/it is related to Monor in any way.

Criminal Record Edit

Note: These lists are incomplete. I was too lazy figuring what other crimes he had comitted..
I figure making the Essence was illegal too, seeing as it's more or less a personal army. And above that quite a crime-infested one.
But I had no idea how to name that as a crime.

Monor's corpsehunt

Monor looting a corpse?

Criminal record, kept in Silvermoon City, listed A-Z.

  • Arson
  • Assault/Battery
  • Conspiracy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Extortion
  • Forgery
  • First Degree Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Perjury
  • Resisting Authorities
  • Robbery/Theft
  • Second Degree Murder
  • Stalking
  • Voluntary Manslaughter

His criminal record in Stormwind (spanning the period between turning 18 and his death) shows:

  • Involuntary Manslaughter.

Personal Notes Edit

For The Essence! *dies*


  • "What never lived, will never die."
  • "Love is for the living."
  • "Avoid death, tremble in fear, your efforts go to waste... Resistance is useless, The Essence is here." (taken from my old signature on the WoW-EU Sha'tar Forum)

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