Morrel after the undeath

Morrel is a gnome Death Knight and acolyte of the Athanatoi.

Name Edit

Morrel Icefield

Physical Traits Edit

Little like all the gnomes, green shor hair. From his expression you can understand he wasn't too smart before the undeath.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Death Knight

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

At the moment Morrel's occupation is to go around Northerend fighting Arthas' army and to aid every companions in need of help.

Family Edit

After the undeath and his madness Morrel has lost every memory of his past. He knows nothing about his family, infact the surname "Icefield" was given to him by Mograine himself.

Background Edit

Unlike the others death knight he was under the control of Arthas even after the betrayal at Light Chapel. Morrel refused to belive the treason of the Lich King and claimed to be under his direct orders. He could hear the voice of his master in his head, giving him absurd orders like to gather an army and to go to the Black Temple to put an end to the demon army of Illidan.

Morrel sat his home in the middle of the destroied Auchindoun and starte to live in his mind world at the service of Arthas.

One day, wondering through Auchindoun, Morrel was found by Delanae, druid of the Talon and Etnarch of the Athanatoi. With the help of Etone and Midnight, she freed Morrel's mind from his own madness making him clear that the Lich King wasn't controlling him anymore.

From that moment Morrel swore fidelity to Delanae and all the Athanatoi, making vow to protect every single Athanatoi member in need of help. That's why he calls himself "the Athanatoi Protector"

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