Murian Whitecloud
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Faction Horde/Cenarion circle

Murian is a young (42) Female Tauren, of white pelt and green eyes, she is currently a Dibbun of the Eyes of Kalimdor, and is dating Marjak Whitecloud, nephew of Verdauga Whitecloud. She is a dedicated Druid of the Claw, but also uses elements of the Wild and the Leaf in her fighting style.


Murian Whitecloud was born in Feralas and trained to be a druid from a young age. Her training was based in Feralas, but around the age of 17, her parents were killed by Grimtotem and she was shipped off to the Thousand needles where she served as a slave, around the age of 40 she broke free from the Grimtotem and ran to Mulgore, where she continued her training. Upon meeting Verdauga Whitecloud, he tried to get Murian to have his children, and she refused, choosing his Nephew, Marjak instead. After Marjak had vanished, Murian changed, she became more shy, her self esteem dropped dramatically and even developed a stutter. She became fixated on proving herself to Verdauga, and yet thought too little of herself to be able to, coupled with Verdauga's perpetual insults. When news of Verdauga's death reached Murian, she was heartbroken, as she felt she had failed, both Marjak and Verdauga had left her, she privatley vowed to, one day, become as great as she saw Verdauga, though if she can overcome her timidness is another thing.


Murian is easily scared and timid. She is easily pushed around, and immideatly thankfull to those who show her kindness, her sentences are punctuated with stutters, Uhms and Sorrys. She trains frequently though, attempting to stay to her vow, and prove herself not to be stuttering and helples. Murian will show kindness to everyone, and will never hold a grudge, or seek vengance, mainly for the fact she will see the other party as better than her, and will not seek to prove them wrong. Her hobbies are Training and Drawing.


"Uhm... sorry..."

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The Thousand Eyes

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