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Physical Traits Edit

Náng is wiry and lean though his stance suggests a strength born through many years of travelling the wilds. Perhaps his most prominent feature would have to be his hair, a brilliant white that almost glows when well-kept, yet is more prone to an unkempt style, a fashion that seems to rest well with his general character. When encountered, he is usually found wearing a broad smile.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf Druid


The Lightsworn


Like many of his race and class Náng shows much interest in herbal lore and has a keen passion for alchemy. His studies in the latter, he believes, will one day lead him down new-found paths. Additionally he lends much of his efforts in alchemy to support his pursuit of the healing arts, holding faith to natural remedies too.




Náng knows nothing of consequence regarding his parents, not even his family name. He does not share the complete affinity with nature as do many of his bretheren, in the sense that there is usually a greater focus on plants and animals. Instead he has a fondess for stone and rock. Not to mine and plunder ore, but to climb hills and slopes, to scale mountains and to delve into the deep. Even the sea holds a particular fascination and he will quite happily drift for hours in the currents of an ocean.

Where he lacks in what some would refer to as his true understanding of nature itself, alike many of his kin he stills pursues the neverending goal of 'Balance'. In some ways he accepts much that unfolds on the world as it is intended and not that it can be shaped or formed, rather that it requires contemplation and comprehension. For Náng's belief is not so much that the 'Balance' must be tended, rather that 'Balance' already exists in itself. Tending the 'Balance' therefore doesn't explicitely require intervention but exploration and involvement, to perhaps play one's part. So on a much broader and general level, Náng will usually favor neutrality, making it difficult to sometimes fit in and resulting in a typically quieter personality, happier to observe and comment, rather than direct.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal Record Edit


((Although there has been rumours of tea-theft.))

Personal NotesEdit

Since joining the Lightsworn Order he has often been seen branching out, however he lies to go back to his roots and can spend hours on end sleeping in his favourite places.

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