Name Edit

Nahúe Dusthoof

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren, Druid


Feet of Clay


A protector and preserver of the wild regions of the world, practitioner of natural magic, a traveller and an adventurer. To put it simply, Nahúe is a druid.

Unlike many druids Nahúe has, however, adopted a more visible role in the world. He has sometimes called together adventurers to help him with his druidic work, and he often travels with treasure hunters to the more dangerous places of the world to retrieve powerful artifacts.

When it comes to great conflicts and world shaping events, Nahúe has mostly kept in line with the secretive ways of the druids and remained uninvolved or at least far in the background.


Nahúe originates from a nomadic tribe of Tauren who have travelled across the continent of Kalimdor for as long as anyone can remember. Altough Nahúe's tribe did not practise druidism, it was not completely unheard of that a member of the tribe would hear the call of the Earth Mother and leave the tribe to follow this call on his own. After the reintroduction of druidism among Tauren Nahúe, who might have otherwise journeyed aimlessly on his own, travelled to Mulgore with his tribe and stayed behind to learn druidism from the newly intitiated Tauren who now resided in Mulgore and Thunder Bluff.

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