Neave Isabella Cadogan
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Priestess Neave Isabella Cadogan ((Alot still to be finished. ^^ ))

Physical Traits/PersonalityEdit

  • Appearance:

Neave is of a tiny frame, her body is not at all built for battle; small womanly shoulders aswell as a sleek figure, her body couldn't hold her own muscle if she trained as lets say a warrior. This is one primary reason Neave is trained as a priestess. By first glance she looks around 19, two years younger than her actual age.

Neave is very fair-skinned, her face is unblemished but prone to vibrant blushes. With long, mahogany-brown hair - appears dark red in direct sunlight - which sprouts straight from her scalp, before tumbling into loose dark curls. Her eyes are originally chocolate brown, but due to recent unhealthy events, involving an Eredar Mage, her eyes have turned a disturbingly bright and sickly fuschia. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, her lower lip fuller than her upper, making them seem uneven and granting her with a permanent, parted pout. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. She's five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds.

She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them. She walks with an unsteady, clutzy gait, as if always unsure of her feet.


Neave with an apple. Drawing by me.

  • Personality traits an Abilities:

Neave is described as being very stubborn and horrendously clumsy; she has a somewhat sarcastic, and self-negative nature. But has a good sense of humor despite her "sunny disposition". Her talents lie in advanced healing abilities. Which was significantly nullified apon demonic encounter regarding Nadrena. But soon re-adjusted her talents. She is still within learning and improvement of her light wielding. Neave can also, like others, solidify light to create various useful objects; may it be a protective barrier, or a weapon, or to coat her skin to make it tougher against any form of attack.

Race and ClassEdit

Female Human Priestess.




Neave was encouraged to excell in the "house-wife" profession; cooking and tailoring.

Eventually Neave gave up the tailoring after many pricked fingers and took up Jewelcrafting.

As for Neave's "occupation" she works for Horizon and mainly does the duties, although this does not offer any pay, she makes her earn from running quests or errands for others that require help.


  • Father: Rónalld Cadogen (Missing in Action)
  • Mother: Rosaline Cadogen (Deceased)
  • Sibling: Víolet Cadogen (Deceased/Forsaken)
  • Step-Mother: Julliane (Alive)
  • A few cousins in Southshore



- Vashnu - Girem - Taesac Harthor (to finish)

Relationship Status: Currently single.

Twinkle and Dusky

Dusky and Twinkle


Neave grew up with her sister, father and two cats, She was born in Elwynn Forrest, her mother died when she was four. She lived a happy child-hood, with Violet at her friend, and many other of the children in her area, and also some children in Southshore, where her mother was born. Her sister was murdered by her fiance when Neave was 15. Neave investigated and discovered that Violet's fiance was responsible for her murder, she also discovered Violet was cursed Forsaken. She resumed her training as a priestess, and aided in many medical casualties, when she eventually met her first serious partner, Taesac. It was then that a nemesis of Taesac, an Eredar mage named Nadrena discovered the relationship of the two. And as an evil shot at Taesac, she kidnapped Neave. Performing a necrotic, demon ritual on the girl. In result Neave was unable to perform any form of light spell. Her shadow abilities intensified, but to a very dangerous level, which would put Neave's soul at risk. She eventually re-learned to cast light in this state, but the act consequences her whenever she does. Bleeding from the markings of the ritual, such rituals tatooed to her body. The energy stained her iris' turning them a corrupt, bright pink.

Family BackgroundEdit

Cadogens lived in Stormwind for years and have been about a long time. Although some of the relations come from Reridge, Southshore, Westfall and even Lordaeron.

  • Her mother was born in Southshore
  • Her father was born in Westfall

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

Theme tunes:

  • Paramore:
  • Decode
  • I Caught Myself
  • My Heart
  • Emergency
  • Blue Foundation:
  • Eyes On Fire
  • Bonfires
  • Enemy

Quotes: "No-one is truely dead if they are remembered." - Neave

"Frick!" - Neave

Things you should know about Neave:

  • She is slightly smaller than the average human height
  • She is rather meak and thin; no shape for melee combat or carrying heavy armour
  • Neave is never seen without her white kitten, Twinkle
  • Neave is socially awkward and very clumsy