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Nelya in Silvermoon

Nelya's history isn't one of great surprises: She was orphaned at a very young age for reasons unknown; probable is that her parents died in somekind of an accident.As such, she doesn't remember who her real parents were. She also lost one of her foster parents when the Scourge sacked her home, the Silvermoon City. Her surrogate mother she would not meet again before Kael'thas returned. Againts odds she was able to survive in the ravaged city and it's outskirts week after week, month after month until the reclaimers of the city finally came.

She didn't flee from it, for even being over 90 years old, she never travelled far and didn't know of many other places to escape to. And if she did manage to find a place to stay in, would it be any safer than Silvermoon city? Last she heard, the undead had claimed most of the lands. At least in the city and it's immediate surroundings, she felt that she had an home-field advantage.

After the retake of Silvermoon for the Elves, she was contacted by a woman named Elara who wanted to train her "to benefit her people" - what exactly she meant would become clear in the near future.


Nelya is outgoing and has a misleading aura of honesty about her - she can be convincing in portraying someone she isn't. However, she is prone to shut herself off when people get too close; she can be playful and flirtatious for a moment, but a few badly chosen words from the other party and she could be completely lost in thought and thus be unresponsive in the next. She has very few friends, for many people find her personality quirky.

She is wary of the Forsaken; This is for aesthetic reasons mostly, for they remind her of the most horrible times of her life. She has come to accept them as part of the Horde however and has at times worked with and for them, which has actually proven to be even somewhat therapeutic.

Events of the Third War changed her demeanor greatly, from an isolationist to an explorer, from a self-centered mage apprentice to an open-minded Chef, and so on. She holds heavy hearts of what happened and how useless she was in the heat of battle, and much like many other living blood elves seeks revenge for her people. Her wildest dream is to slay the Lich King or provide the vital information for it to happen, but succeeding in something like that alone is very unlikely.

Essence of survivalEdit

While Silvermoon was occupied by the undead, she had to fend for herself. This among other things meant learning to create food from the base ingredients; tracking, catching and killing what livestock was available and preparing it properly. Mostly her diet was fish and eggs, sometimes just edible plants.

She was no prodigy and didn't know much anything of these things, aside some herbs, but Silvermoon had a wealth of knowledge of other things than just magic - she found many useful books from numerous Farstrider's lodgings. The basic survival she had learned during those times would carry over to her profession as a rogue; Her familiarity with different plants would carry over to concocting potent poisons, killing livestock made her an accurate shot with bows, she also learned to create adequate and at times even tasty food from the most mundane ingredients, thus giving her an honorable cover-profession of a cook after she had been trained in the arts of subtlety.

Combat ProwessEdit

Nelya is adept at hand to hand combat and daggers, and prefers to dual wield daggers in all-out combat. When the moment calls for it, she prefers to use a bow or different throwing weapoms to take out some hard to reach opponents from afar. She is cabable with all of these forms of combat, but has mastered daggers above all else.

Her natural agility and the element of surprise are her most deadliest weapons, however.

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