Nether Fortitude

Nether Fortitude is a spell used to physically reinforce living beings. Its exact magical composition can vary, but usually at least two of the major types (Arcane, Fel, Holy) are involved. It draws magic energy from its caster or casters and imbues the target with the energy, usually resulting to at least temporary fortification of the body. The spell essentially works by changing the very structure of the target's cells, however, which can very often lead to undesired side-effects or even the exact opposite of the desired result, namely unavoidable physical decay later in life.

The first registered use of Nether Fortitude was in the year -75 by a Quel'dorei Mage Illya Morngaze who had been so enamoured of her pet cat that she cast the spell on it to cure its age-brought weakness. She was suspended from the Magisterium shortly after, and her pet died soon of an unstable mutation caused by the imbued Arcane and Fel energy. Afterwards, the spell has been known to be cast approximately twenty times, but the attempts have mostly been unsuccessful. The Kirin Tor have confiscated most books containing knowledge about Nether Fortitude from the library of Dalaran, deeming it both overly dangerous and tasteless to be easily accessed.

Potential Side-effects Edit

Nether Fortitude has been known to cause the following symptoms and consequences:

  • lowered resistance against illnesses
  • lack of endurance
  • anemia
  • lack of appetite and/or lowered need for drinking/eating
  • heightened resistance against magical attacks
  • hypersensitivity to magic energy
  • magical capabilities
  • deteriorating health, especially if the target is involved with magic
  • mutation or Arcane corruption

It has also been noted that in all of the cases Nether Fortitude has lead to its target's premature death.

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