A short story, written by Kaitlyn, about the forming of the Black Star.

Full Synopsis Edit

The world seemed full of potential again. She reclined gracefully in the chair, watching the whelp devour it’s latest meal.

“Well, my beauty, what do you make of it all?”

The tiny dragon gulped greedily, paying her words no heed. She reached out and stoked it’s back, tenderly.

“The Black Star. You were not even hatched then, I had not taken you from your mothers brood.”

She smiled at the creature indulgently as it gnawed at the carcass, wings furled, fresh young mind intent on it’s feast.

“This meeting could hold great potential, my sweet. Crimelords, he mentioned, but the possibility of meeting ‘like minded’ companions. I wonder if any will share our ambitions?”

The black whelps eyes met hers, emerald gems set deep within angular features, scales midnight dark yet shimmering in the candlelight. For a moment she thought it understood her, until it nudged at her hand, insistent.

“No! No more rats for you tonight. You will become fat, slow and useless. You concentrate on growing strong. We both must.”

She ushered the creature away with one hand, and reached for her wine. As the dragon chittered irritably , she raised the goblet to it, and repeated the toast he had made.

“To sinister deeds, and may they remain hidden.”

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