Name Edit

Niblit, Former Lord Crusader of the Gnome Crusade

Physical Traits Edit

Niblit is an elderly gnome, with almost bald head and big white beard. Recently an engineering lab accident left his remaining hair(on the sides of his head) sticking wildly backwards.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome mage!

Guild Edit

Formerly The Gnome Crusade, retired and an ancient draenei organization took him in, they are known as the Athanatoi.

Occupation Edit

Engineer and member of the miner's guild, has taken positions of leadership in past of various groups or organizations, but they come and go.

Family Edit

None that he could remember, except his mommmy. Actually has an evil younger brother as well and a father, Niblit the elder. Regards his gnomes in the Crusade as family these days.

Background Edit

Much of Niblit's history is shrouded in mystery, as he doesn't seem to remember it himself or maybe chooses not to remember. He came from Gnomeregan when the catastrophe struck, and worked there as one of the chief engineers supervising the reactors.

Family Background Edit

Any contacts Niblit had before the catastrophe of Gnomeregan with his family, disappeared during that time. His was the typical family though, everyone being an engineer, both children dabbling in the arcane arts as well. Niblit doesn't remember his family's name.

Criminal Record Edit

Despite several break ins to Horizon's jam cellar Niblit has never been neither caught or prosecuted of this.

Personal Notes Edit