Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Health Undead
Level 80
Status Undead
Location Northrend and Outlands


Ninhea, Blood Elf Death Knight in the Sunfire Vanguard.


Ninhea is a corpse. A walking, talking corpse. It's fairly debatable whether she's also a thinking corpse as well, however. It is obvious that death damaged her, almost certainly permenantly, and being under the control of the Lich King did not help matters at all. Her mentality has plummeted to that of a (rather damaged) child, full of niave ideals, morals, and an almost fanatical will to please.




"Nin...? Nin is Nin!"

"Just because... jar empty... not mean jar... useless. Nin like jar!"


  • The name "Ninhea" was from a random name generator. The reason for her being called 'Ninhea' when she can't remember a thing was later explained with, "It's how I don't know sounds if you stuck your tongue out."
  • When her name is stuck into the etimology database of first names ( it comes up with some interesting results.
    • NAENIA, Roman Mythology. Means "incantation, dirge". Roman goddess of funerals.
    • NANAEA, Near Eastern Mythology. Means "undefiled", later identified with Artemis.

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