An evil character (to say the least) she was killed by her sister, Kalsa.

Noite as a Forsaken

Name Edit

Noite Moiand. It is debatable whether that was her first name when she was living though it must have been close to that because otherwise Kalsa would not of reconised the letter Noite wrote to her. On the other hand it might be that Noite was a nickname she had when alive.

Physical Traits Edit

She was very beautiful when she was alive and even in death she retained some of that beauty; as a Forsaken she lost most of the flesh on her cheeks, her skin took on a greenish tinge and her hair, which had been black, turned a dark purple (the reason for this is unknown though it probably has something to do with the Fel energies she used as a Warlock).

Race and Class Edit

A Forsaken Warlock. Formerly a human.

Occupation Edit

Destorying Kalsa's life.

Family Background Edit

  • Father: A dabbler in Fel magic (He only summon a demon once to what some might say were unfortunate consequences (No one ever found out however)). Noite was his favourite daughter and so he taught her some of the spells he had learnt. She also like her Father bullied Kalsa violently and without remorse. When she learnt that Kalsa had killed him she swore to make Kalsa's life has painful as possible.
  • Mother: Who Noite's mother was is debatable. You know that Demon I mentioned earlier? Well it was a Succubus....Also the fact that Noite's father married his wife after Noite was born leads to an inconclusive decision. Whatever the case Noite knew nothing about this Demon (when she was alive) and so thought of the woman her Father had married as her Mother. She died after giving birth to her youngest child.


  • Noite (Aged 24 *)
  • Kalsa (Aged 18* )
  • Taresh (Aged 16 *): Taresh became a Forsaken after Noite's death.
  • Second youngest (Aged 10 *): Status Unknown
  • Youngest (One day old *): Status Unknown (Though she was only a new born baby when Kalsa became infected with the plague.)

Her family were sheep farmers near Lordaeron in the year 6**.

*when Kalsa was infected by the plague

** Sourced from here World of Warcraft Timeline

Background Edit

Something might appear here....maybe

Criminal Record Edit


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