A Northrend Adventure, Gnome's Tale.

This story starts from writing, like most stories do.. but this particular story began from writing a letter.

A letter that had it's lower half covered by a sticky sweet smelling stain.


Helloes all, Nibbles here, writing this letter to say, uhm, helloes.

Would like to come visit someday soon, maybe 4th of next month, yes.

Hopes to see yous soon, byebyes.

Ps. Sorry about missing signature, jam accident involved.


After Niblit had penned that letter down and picked up the bumped over jam pot from the table, he went to mail it himself. These days he didn't have secretaries anymore, nor the offices. Instead, he had been on the move, traveling through Northrend on most important missions.

Hoary wind greeted him as he flipped aside the Tuskarr hut's door, it sure was chilly at the coast. "Brr, it sure is chilly at the coast", he said out loud, to no one in particular. But there was important work to be done here, work that demanded sacrifices sometimes. Short underpants had been first of them, gladly exchanged for longer ones.

He walked to the mailsack, the tightly trampled snow making creaking sounds under his feet. Those Tuskarr folks sure were handy to have around when it came to keeping places clear of the fluffy, quick sand like snow he had started to hate. Walking across the snowy glaciers was no fun when you could see your way only with a periscope, hmph.

After dropping the letter into the sack, he took a whiff of the salty northern sea air, and breathed out a big steamy cloud. Sure was handy to be fire mage now, no danger of freezing into a gnopsicle. "Ahh, wind direction seems good, time to get back to work!" he remarked happily. At the docks, his gear was already waiting for him, having been dried out the previous night, all warm and cozy.

He dropped the thick fur robes he was wearing, and put on the gear hurriedly over the blue overalls, which had been meticulously cleaned of old engineering stains so not to introduce weird smells to subjects of his important research. The flippers were kinda clumsy to use on ground, but helped in the sea, indubitably. Now came the part he liked the least, swallowing that awful tasting Tuskarr stuff which enabled him to breathe underwater. Diving helmet was a no-no when disguised the way he was.

After that he drew the hood on, becoming a strikingly accurate looking, almost correctly sized penguin, and waddled to the end of the pier. He remembered to cast a fiery armor spell at last moment to provide protection from the cold, before toppling over into the icy waters...

"Mmhff, gluumph!" were his first words as he emerged from the sea many hours later, and spat out the herring from his mouth. Waving frantically at the Tuskarr hunters not to harpoon him, yelling that it was just him again and not a juicy king penguin. They always looked so disappointed, he felt bad about that. But, the day had been good, and the observations of the fishing methods of penguins were surely going to prove useful when programming that Catch-A-Fish robot of his that was resting dismantled back at the workshop. After trying several other programs, from sharks to ice bears, he had come to the conclusion that something less savage was needed, something that wouldn't settle for a gnome target when there was no fish available.

After changing back to his usual garments and hanging the gear to dry, he went back to check the mailsack. And to his amazement there indeed was a response! Those giant turtles might have been slow on land, but boy they sure were something else when swimming between the villages, delivering trading goods and mail.

He hurried back to the hut, reading the letter as he went, and didn't even notice the snoring Tuskarr as he jumped on it's tummy, starting to write a reply using the oblivious walrussian as a table.



Dear Miss Sharanah, Nibbles remembers yous too from good gnomies of Athanatoi folks. Day when Nibbles thought of joining yous all looked a bit cloudy, with mist in morning an' red sunset at evening. Between was also some sunshine. Nibbles also saw some naked folks running in circles when visiting Stormwind, yes.

Hmm, life of Nibbles, it must be kinda long an' boring, Nibbles must have been snoring. As nothing comes to mind now, as Nibbles tries to remember. Oh waits, there was this nice sammich maybe last week, Nibbles remembers that. Had cheese in between. Can't remember type, but will try since yous asked.

Aaa, research, now that Nibbles can relate with, is researcher too, likes to read old books an' other stuff, lotsa information can be put to good use when engineering, oh yes. Nibbles is currently doing important field researching in Northyrend, can tell aaall about it when comes to visit, yes.

This stuff usually takes Nibbles around places, like just now for exaMMPpP (the wording seems to have gone through a sudden bump at this point, and the ink trails off to the side of the letter)

Uhm, excuse bump, table turned sides mysteriously, hmph.

Oh yes, cheese was Stromgarde Muenster, Nibbles tries to get that stuff when timetraveling, is most rare cheese these days, maybe because folks go into past an' eat it all, hmph.

So, that is part reason why Nibbles needs yous Athanatoi folks, to go onna quest for more cheese.

There are other parts too but Nibbles needs to go now, table is becoming more an' more unstable, obviously not of good gnomesy design.

May your sprockets never rust, an' with well wishes.. wishes of well? Wishing well? Anyhoo,



And with that, a new chapter had began.

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