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Martin Northwall

  • Senechal of the Lightsworn
  • Crusader of the Argent Dawn
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Physical Traits Edit

Northwall is in his late twenties but seems a little older. Not the best looking he has a weather beaten appearance from exposure and combat. Across the bridge of his nose, down his forehead and on his left cheek are old scars. Many more scars cover his body but those are rarely on display as he is usually found in full plate armour. He stands just less than two meters tall but is still relatively lean, never able to gain enough bulk. His hair is a dull black, appearing to be cut relatively short and neat. His green eyes are usually alert and intense looking. Usually his movements are relaxed to the point of being laid back but can instantly shift to being tense and precise if danger presents itself. In combat he shows his experience in every efficient move. He mainly talks in a laid back drawl.

Race and Class Edit

Human warrior.

Occupation Edit

Career soldier and former mercanry. Currently training as a gnomish engineer. Associated with the Argent Crusade.

Family Edit

None surviving known.

Early Life Edit

Martin Northwall was born towards the end of the First War in what is now known as Stormwind's Old Town. Although Anduin Lothar began to evacuate citizens with the approach of the Horde his father, who had served as a footman in the Stormwind army, was reluctant to evacuate. As the final battle began the city started to burn they finally reached the last boat to escape. The refugees were then taken into Lorderon. Unable to settle in the new country the family wandered Lorderon for several years, trying to find a place in the world. Eventually they arrived at the village of Durnholt where his father got a job as an Internment Camp guard. Martin in his early teens was pressed into becoming an aid to the guards himself in the camp. However the poor conditions and brutal treatment of the Orcs led to conflict between father and son with Martin disturbed and outraged. This came to a head when Martin decided to run away from the camp, taking a sword and some supplies he fled the camp.

MercenaryCareer Edit

Once he fled from Durnholt Martin struggled a living. He wandered the roads and wilds of southern Lorderon for a little while doing small jobs but never lingering long. Eventually he managed to reach Lorderon City but only managed to scrape a living on the streets. Unemployed and homeless things looked bleak for him. During a short brawl with some street thugs Martin caught the eye of a mercenary company's leader. The stranger offered him some more sword training and a small wage if he fought for them. With little other choice he entered the Red Wolf Company. The Company made a living by traveling Lorderon, dealing with local problems and orc warbands left by the Second War for a fee. He excelled in this new livelihood becoming a skilled and ruthless fighter. His new company however proved a bad influence on him however and his morals began to slip, becoming more violent and ruthless. Fights and attrition began to wear the company down and Martin went his own way either hiring himself solo or joining up briefly with other companies as a simple sellsword. The spiral of crime and violence he found himself in deepened. After a disastrous contract in the Alterac Mountains Martin was left badly injured but was rescued by nearby Kirin Tor mages, grateful for the rescue of a young apprentice.

Dalaran and the Third War Edit

Spending time recovering in Dalran Martin began to fall for it's charms. Realizing he could make more of his life he got a place at one of the cities many collages and tried to carve himself a new life. Now twenty years old his life looked better, managing to make himself a respectable living although he still did a few mercenary contracts for the city and was never really trusted. However this was to come crashing down. Barely paying attention the troubles in Lorderon the Scourge all but too him by surprise. Arthas led an army to besiege Dalaran and Martin was forced to fight to defend his city. With undead pouring through the streets his skills came in good use defending innocent civilians and helped keep many alive. As soon as the dust settled he left to enlist in what was left of the Lorderon army, narrowly missing the destruction of the city by Archemondes. The army was a ragtag band, organized informally mainly using whatever scraps they could. He found himself in the so called Fourth Regiment, led by the Paladin Baros Isenstrider. Martin became very close to a High Elf Ranger attached to his unit, Kael Mistruner, eventually forming a romantic relationship with her. It was a desperate and futile last stand. The kingdom had all but fallen to the Scourge. The Fourth Regiment was forced to make a hard choice, how to buy time for fleeing civilians. The solution was the Battle for Serenity Valley. The unit formed battlelines across a narrow valley and prepared to hold it against a Scourge army. After five days of fighting the Lorderon soldiers finally broke. Of the two hundred and fifty who entered the valley less than a dozen escaped, their duty done and the civilians escaped. Martin and Keal boarded a ship to Kalimdor with other survivors and arrived just in time for the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Here the final battle of the Third war took place and the Alliance and Horde united to defeat the Legion and Scourge. With the world saved Martin and Keal married in an encampment near Hyjal Summit.

More Wanderings Edit

In the wake of Hyjal Northwall returned to his career of mercenary. He was left in depression though, his life had been ripped apart, his homeland lost. He and Keal hired themselves out for any job around the world, dogs of war. His despair was deepened when his new wife left him, her mana cravings forcing her into the arms of Prince Keal'thas and his Sin'doeri. His contract in the new city of Orgrimar and ratchet came to a sudden end with Admiral Proudmoore's invasion of Durotar. No longer welcome he decided to return to his homeland and the Eastern Kingdoms. For the next few years he sunk lower occasionally forced to turn to crime or amoral contracts to support himself. With contracts running low he decided to head to Stomrwind, hearing that there was help wanted in Northshire.

Horizon and the Captured Exarch Edit

During this period Martin began searching for a guild deciding it could offer him more protection and opportunities for pay. In a chance encounter an officer of the guild Horizon recruited him telling him to go to Westbrook Garrison. There he met with their leader Revane who appealed to his dormant altruistic side. The interview was a success and he soon donned the black and gold tabard of Horizon. His first assignment came the next day with orders to escort Revane alongside some more soldiers to a meeting with Exarch Qialynna. He fit well into the small unit reverting back to his military training and some remnants of compassion starting to rekindle in him. He was soon thrust into the action when a warlock named Ebaj went rampant, corrupted by a demon forcing Horizon to put a stop to him and his mercenary army. At the climax of events Ebaj tried to bribe Northwall to join his mercenary company but realizing he'd found a new home Martin refused. The result was a final battle against Legion forces outside Lakeshire. The battle left him injured and emotionally drained resulting in him taking some leave. Returning he barely had time to catch his breath before a new crisis engulfed him. A renegade group known as the Essence had kidnapped Exarch Qialynna and held her prisoner in Orgrimar. In response the Alliance mustered an army of heroes and adventurers. Revane gathered up a handful of Horizon including Northwall to join the cause. The result was the disastrous Battle of Orgrimar. Battered and bloodied, separated from the rest of the survivors Martin paired up with the gnome Kall and together they attempted to cross the desert, Fortunately Revane appeared to help lead them to Ratchet where Northwall was promoted to officer for his actions in the battle. Kall was devastated by her losses though and only a hasty motivational speech from Northwall stopped her committing suicide. He had found a new direction and aim now, to help end the threat of the Essence and rescue Exarch Qialynna. His next encounter with them was the Battle of Ambermill where the quick actions of Horizon narrowly averted a slaughter. The battle also offered him his first taste at leading larger forces since the Third War. During this time he helped Horizon flourish using his officer status to expand their ranks.

Changes Edit

Over the next year and a half Martin faced many challenges. He saw the rise and fall of the Essence, found unlikely allies and made new enemies and participated in major battles. When the Scourge attempted to invade Stormwind Martin took up arms and fought back against the plague and battled in the streets, eventually being present to participate in the final defense of the Harbor with King Varian Wrynn. With the Scourge threat repulsed he was one of the first to join the counter-attack on Northrend, battling across the continent. This however with the deteriorating relations with the Horde got him drafted into the defense of Winterguard Keep despite his distaste for quarrels between Alliance and Horde. However he found a benefactor in Tirion Fordring who requested him to join the Argent Crusade, joining the fighting in Icecrown. With Dalaran reborn he eventually moved back to his own home, buying a small apartment over a tavern. From a reliable source he learned the identity of the Horde agent who tortured a friend of his leading him on a hunt for the sadistic rogue Lady Cyndra Xantir. The two clashed in Dalaran sewers in a brutal battle however Geis Archrion stepped in separating both combatants. Heavily injured they both retreated, their feud unresolved. Shortly after an emergency call from Kall resulted in Northwall being caught in a possible friendly fire incident leaving him badly injured once more but was rescued by a fellow Argent Crusade medic. His relationship with Horizon worsened the differences in interests between him and its members grew. This eventually convinced him to hand in his resignation. His future now uncertain he has decided to follow his own path. Furthermore his old enemy Ishsah Winterspear has resurfaced and still unwilling to drop their grudge. During this period he and a group of adventurers including Iyokus Shatterstar and Sebastyn came across a powerful magical sword. Taking it as a reward for defeating a Black Drake Northwall carried it with him constantly, depsite its unerving appearance of sentience. Shortly after he took part in the Silithus campaign.

A New Order Edit

During these wanderings however Northwall descided he needed to be part of a large group again. His choice was the Order of Lightsworn, a group of morally guided crusaders with a good reputation. To Northwall they seemed a match that would keep his more destructive tendances in line. Quickly he was accepted into the Order and became a participating part of it, earning a reputation for initative and building connections. The influence of their leader, Gaebriel of Sunshine had a marked improvement upon him and Northwall began to become a rounded indivdual once more. Still clinging to his pragmatism he followed more of the ideal of the hero and so showed more responsibility and social tact than before, throwing himself into being part of a whole again. During this period he was also selected for an arranged amrrige with the Quel'doeri Telina Sunfury by the Argent Crusade. However at the alter neither descided to go ahead with it choosing to keep their friendship. This new direction alienated many from him but also began to re-earn him a more positive reputation for his efforts. Despite this he was dragged into conflicts with the Order of the Scarlet Sigil whom he heavily distrusts. During this period he threw himself into the Battle for Northrend and worked closely with the Argent Crusade in Icecrown, participating in many missions on behalf of them usually working with fellow adventurers.

Victory and BeyondEdit

Eventually through the combined efforts of many Arthas, the Lich King fell. Northwall was left both joyous at a victory he had been working towards for a decade but at the same time he felt overwhelmed by the prospect of peace. Seeing Garrosh Hellscream as a threat to peace he began to launch a doomed conspiracy to overthrow him. This small and secrative group comprised of Gaebriel, Vashnu, Kayandre and Grandmaster Terrafros. He was also struck by the deaths of a Náng, an officer of Lightsworn and of Lady Hugumari, an information broker and occasional rival. In response he sought out Hugumari's apprentice the White Wolf, Daely and began mentoring her alongside Lightsworn. At this time an Alliance expidtion moved to the Plaugelands in an attempt to free it from the Scourge once and for all, Northwall naturally signed up. Geabriel rewarded his loyalty to the Order and promoted him to be his seneschal.

Criminal Record Edit

This section appears to have gone missing.

Trivia Edit

  • Northwall is heavily predjudiced against Death Knights whom he sees as a a potential danger and an abomiantion.
  • Gnomes likewise have not given him a good impression.
  • In combat he uses a strong efficent style which sacrifices speed for less demanding moves and reliable power. Due to this he relies on his plate armour.
  • He is also vulnrable to magic having no talent with it himself. Partly because of this he has a wary mistrust of all arcane arts.
  • Politically he is unconventional, inspired by the unity seen at Hyjal he attempts to seek the best nature of the indivdual. This naturally has put him at odds with many in the Alliance and so seeks solace more often with Argent Crusaders.
  • Despite appearing confident in public he has deep insecurities, mostly about those aspects of his life he feels he cannot change. Between this and the harsh life experinces he has suffered he is developing several neuroses and mental syndromes.
  • Having seen so many odd occurances he has developed a blase attitude towards many unusual developments which only magnifies his general cynicsim.
  • Besides common his second language is Thallasian. For practicallity he has a basic grasp of Orcish and Darnassian.
  • He has a rarely displayed abillity to play guitar at a basic level.
  • His grey warhorse is named Cloud. He also owns a swifter white steed named Vesper.
  • Despite trading insults and mockery he and Kreiastraza, his Red Drake companion, they maintain a mutually trusting relationship.

Personal Notes Edit

Northwall's Song A music video featuring Northwall and key figures in his life.

Key inspirations behind Northwall feature Han Solo from Star Wars and Malcolm Reynolds from Serenity/Firefly. Parts of his later development and story arcs take inspiration from the classic fantasy charcter Elric of Melinbóne.

Relevant Music

A general instrumental theme.

A song relevant to a current plot arc from Blue Oyster Cult.