Olivia, or Olva to her drunken father, was born on a cold wet day in Gilneas before they closed their doors on the world. Her Mother and Father fled to Loaderon where her Grandparents lived. Her mother was killed by orcs before they even made it out of Silverpine. After this her father went somewhat insane and turned to the bottle. She has ever since been forced to live caring for herself, her father and her Grandmother.


Olivia is a timid looking girl with shallow brown eyes and striking red hair, she is pretty but down to a lack of self care this is often gone unnoticed. She is usually dressed in the Oricson's General Goods Store's uniform, red trousers and waist coat with a white shirt and black shoes but she has been seen wearing delicate gowns.


Olivia has worked in her Father's shop since she was little, she also sings to earn money.


Ovarion Oricson-Father

Helena Oricson- Mother (Dead)

Olla Oricson- Grandmother


Olivia sounds and looks like Miss Scarlet Johanson-

She is played by the same gamer as Kayandre

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