Twenty sixth day of Golden leaves month. (26th September)

Moonglade morning

Moonglade. Air filled with smell of autumn grass.

Today it wasn't quiet here. First of all came an elven paladin lady, who went to Barrow dens. Then came troll with body of Circle Warden. Remulos decided to use blessings, given to that lady by the Dreamer. Troll left to Dens, escorted by one of druids, to resurrect her.

Her body appears in center of Dens. Priestess look better, than it was when Syarimth found her. When troll comes to place, he founds other elven lady near dead priestess. Knight looks up at arrived two, but then returnes glance to body. Druid moves closer to the body, looking at knight for a moment, then back at Syarimth.

- Take a sit near her guard...It will take a while..
Druid points at Noell. Syarimth reaches out to brush priestess hair from her face, but flinches at a memory, and recoils, staring at her with sorrow. Druid sighs quietly, then places crystal at Wardens chest, just where hearth might be.
- Lets look first, what happened...
Telina's body become surrounded with red glow from crystal - in this glowing mist they can see pictures, that memory draws. Syarimth is almost fearful, but holds on to his pride.

«Krisom Stillwater in front of her, holding sword and saying something to her...He seems to be angry. She shakes head, trying to stop tears running down by cheeks. Quiet voice.»

- Why?..Kris?..Why...
He answers, grinning, then turnes and rides away.

Feeling of pain - like she don't understand what is going on... Next picture - stairs of Ruins of Lordaeron. She glances at graves down there, trying to calm down...Sharp feeling of pain, just at back..she turnes head – Syar, Noell and druid see face of Forsaken, holding dagger, covered with her blood. She blinks, trying to understand..makes step, blasting him with Nova..And falls down from stairs...Darkness. Someones voice.»

- ...Don't touch my target..
«Something else said, but can't understand what exactly. Feeling, like someone kneels down near her. Words again.»
- Don' die here...That wasn't in my plans...
Touch of cold hands, bandaging wound. Syar, Noell and druid feel everything clearly, as being at her place at this moment. Druid rubs face, frowning. Pictures not fading...»
- Admiral...Why..Why Kris have done that?..
- Save breath, I know wha-...Wait..What?
«Feeling of pain..betrayal - says mind, and tears start to run down by cheeks again»
- He left...He asked..not to stay on his..way..Why, Quincy?...
«Laugh..Forsaken laugh.»

- The Admiral- b-but I know her...- whispers Syar quietly.

- Your daughter..Made well..Just as she planned...

«Admiral's voice is clear - he was too close to her, as it seems.»
- My daughter?..She is dead...
- No. Perhaps..not yet. But her mind will be soon...
«Pain, sharp and strong. She opens eyes, staring at Admiral. He moves closer, touching head and attempt to cut it off.
- Small present..for your daughter...
«They feel how her mind fills with anger..Nova blast affects Admiral and he moves back..She stands up, trying to hold on feet surely.»
- I believed you, Admiral..I helped you once...Hoping, that you are not like others...

«Shakes head, seeing his attempt to make her fall with Death coil...She shields up and leaves mark of Fear ward on herself.»

- You can stand...How long, elf?..
«He grins,preparing next spell..Her voice, low, cold.»
- As long, as Light is with me...
«She makes pass with hand, trying to affect him with Holy fire.»
- Then I'll give you..a shade...
«Smell of burned flesh. Shadowbolt reaching her, when shield fades...She falls down on knees, prepares one new globe of golden light at her hand...He moves back, frowning, and holding some bomb.»
- If...nothing takes you..Maybe that – will?..
«She grins, not moving.»
- Don't make me..Quincy...
«Doesn't seems like she looks at him with hate..He smirks, throwing side.»
- Nah..I'll let your daughter complete her work...
«She releases spell, looking his leaving. whispers quietly something. Stands up in a while...Makes steps, going up by stairs..Trying to reach Orb of Translocation..But then pain comes again - too strong..Darkness, filled with taste of blood. Nothing else. Only can hear, as last whisper was name of 'Krisom'..Pictures fade.»

Druid rubs chin with fingers tips, rising gaze at troll.
- Mhm...That's quiet interesting...You knew her well?
- Well enough...we talk on occasion...and-d I r-read cards for her from time to time.
Druid nods slowly, kneels down, making few passes by hands.
- Well...You both will be first, who she will see when come back to life..
- Then she will live? You are certain?
- She will...Her soul is within Emerald Dream...Just need to help her come back.
- How we can help? - whispers Noell.
Druid looks at paladin, smiling.
- I'll say, when..You will need to heal her body..And while troll can't heal - he will need to hold her, when she will come back...Convulsions, know..
- I will do all I can.

Syarimth again kneels down to pick priestess up gently, holding her as he crouches down and supports her head. Druid nods.

- Allright..Lets start then...I hope Ysera will let her go.
Druid closes eyes, starting channeling with depths of Emerald Dream trough Warden's body. Salvation on her waist starts to glow brightly, as red hearth crystal fades, leaving red glow on her chest, where it was.
Channeling begins to glow with green bright color...All these three colors mix in one, making world look if someone come trough to this World. Both, Syar and Noell can hear loud growl...Warden's body starts to shiver slightly.
- Hold strong, Telina. Hold strong...
Ysera the Dreamer releases from glowing as mystical spirit of a Green World.
- You...both...How..dare try take her away from me?...
Growl makes both, Noell and Syar, feel a fear..Druid holds channel, not hearing and not answering to Green Aspect.
- C-curse you...
Priestess shivers harder, opening eyes...Azure blue, glowing with fel green deeply inside. Or it is not...fel green? Emerald, pure?...Syarimth holds on to her tightly, determined not to let her go.
- Who are you, mortals? Answer, or I'll close way back to her soul and she will stay here!
Growl makes ground shake.
- My name is Syarimth, teller of worlds!
- Noell Bloodfury, Warden's keeper..
- Syarimth....
Aspect lowers head to him, looking deeply into eyes. Then looks at Noell with same gaze.
- Noell...- grins, returning gaze at Syar.- You hold her...Why, mortal?
- B-because she is my friend, and I have lost too many to see another fall.
- Friend...- Aspect narrows eyes, trying to look into his soul.- But what if she don't come, mortal?..
Priestess stops shivering, as if was listening to Dreamer....
- Then I would hear the words from her own mouth, 'lest I doubt their truth.
- Try...out...If she want's to...Speak, mortal!
Aspect growls loudly, making step back...They all can see..No, it is not Tel Syar is holding - this lady have white hairs and not really attractive face. Tough..eyes are same. Azure-blue, soft.
- Who is this?
Lady inclines head to shoulder, looking at Syar. Then rises gaze at Noell, smiling. Returnes to Syar, answering warmly.
- It is me, my friend..
- The woman from the Bay? I met you...with her- , - Syar looks at Noell.- That woman there.
- I look like Aede?..- she rises an eyebrow.- A bit, maybe...It is my real face, Syar...This body, you holding..isn't my..
- Speak not, I know of what she has it you? Truly?
- It is me, Syar..Remember, I asked you to take off mask...- she smiles slightly.- But..It is nice here, with the Dreamer...
She looks around, smiling shortly.
- Do you wish that of me?
- I don't see a reason to come back, Syar...
She sighs, making slight pass - now her face is that Syar remembers ..of lady, whos body he holds now.
- B-but I am here. I would keep you safe for an eternity. Do not be another for me to mourn, my lady. Do not ask me to grieve for a fourth time...
She closes eyes by hand, listening to him.
- Kris told me same...once...- answers quietly.
- If you think I am such a savage as my kind is oft, then what hope do I have? I'd never st-...I'd never strike a woman, Telina. I'd never hurt someone I cared for so much.
- Hope..- she repeats this word, with strange soft smile.- Hope...Ysera, let me go..I still belong to you, but I do in life...
She rises gaze at Aspect and her body starts to shiver again.
- Mortals...I wonder of your belief in hope...Go, child...
Growl sounds warmly, as both spirits disappear. Only where was Warden's spirit - left one green spark, flying around there, slowly getting closer to body. Druid holds channel still.
Noell stnads up and calls down for Light blessing, trying to heal up Warden's body. Pristess shivers harder, when Light touches body with renewal power...Wounds from shadowbolt and dagger disappear slowly as just did image of the Dreamer.
Body starts to shiver in convulsions, when green spark reaches red glowing on chest and hiding there. Syar rocks priestess slowly, as if clutching a child. He bows his head as he looks at her.
Druid releases channeling, not standing up and breathing hardly. Sighs in a while, then shifts to cat.
- I'll report Remulos about done...Hope you'll find out what to do after...
- Thank you, brother.
Priestess slowly calms down..Coughs, when breath comes back. Not opens eyes still, just shivering slightly again and leaning bit closer to Syar...Seems like she feels warmth and trying to catch it up. Druid leaves place, purring quietly.
- Breathe deep, m'lady...there is nothing that will harm you now.
Priestess sighs, listening to voice and sounds of this World...Trying to realise what's going on. Noell steps closer and kneels down near them, looking at her.
- You are in Moonglade, Telina. Under the eyes of the druids- who have done what they must.
Low voice of the Dreamer appearc in air.
- I'm sorry, mortals, that I couldn't save her child...Farewell and take care..both of you...Syarimth..and Noell...Farewell...We will meet other day..
Priestess nods slowly, opening eyes. Rises glance at Syar..Not so bright as it was before, but still same azure-blue.
- You were with child?
She frowns, thinking a while about his question. Nods slowly, when understood it.
- I am so sorry ma'am.
Priestess shakes head slightly, closing eyes for a moment.
- We'll take good care of you from now on.
- grow..up..knowing..that his..or her...father..left me without saying a reason..- coughs quietly.
- When I lost my boy, the fact that I had known him for so long made it all the harder to bear.
Priestess rises gaze to him again. Closes embraces around his neck, leaning closer and not saying anything. Looks at Noell, smiling slightly. Knight smiles in answer. Syarimth is silent, stroking her hair while looking distant. Telina closes eyes, warming up and thinking about something.
- Sing, sing...

Priestess smiles for a moment, listening to Syar.

- All brigands, all brigands...
Teli's voice sound quietly, not disturbing his song.
- How should I take it now...Man I loved want to kill me...My daughter, that I thought was dead, want to kill me...Aede is alive and want to kill me too...Hmh. Tough Noell is watching over her..
She frowns slightly, laying head on his shoulder.
- And most bad...Shan is with Admiral...I don't want to be an enemy for Quincy...
- Come with me all and the morn brings a story...port to our call and it bodes us a warning...Dawn to the dusk we will build to the rafters...the mead and the sea will keep safe ever after...
Teli nods shortly. Who knows, what came to her mind.
- You're right, my friend...You're right..
- Lulled to those shores by the sweet songs of women...turn all work aside, for the place that we're living... Bring peace to our garden and keep the fields green...the crops matter not to the lives in between...
Priestess smiles, again closing eyes. Just listens...While ago she was just like that holded by escaped from Amani shaman, that resurrected her with Forsaken priest...Leans bit more closer, feeling safe in his arms.

- And sing, sing, all brigands, all brigands- your hearts in the right place, your morals are pure... But I'll love the forest, my family and feeling- you can take what you like lads, but never no more.

Telina keeps silence, still listening...To voice and hearth beating. Living sounds, that make feel world like alive creature too...

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