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495px-Saurfang Northrend

Overlord Saurfang

History Edit

Were once a nomadic people, more akin to the Tauren than the Orcs of today. They lived in isolated clans dotted around Draenor, meeting twice a year at the equinoxes for a Kosh'harg celebration. They knew of the draenei, and traded with them on occasion; relations were generally cordial but aloof.

Their leaders were deceived by Kil'jaeden in part of a plot to destroy the Draenei and they were forged into a bloodthirsty, warlike Horde. They abandoned shamanism and turned instead to warlock magic, their skin turning from brown to green; eventually, most clans drank the demon Mannoroth's blood (the exceptions being Durotan, his Frostwolf clanmates, and Orgrim Doomhammer). After destroying their homeland and being effectively abandoned by Kil'jaeden, they invaded Azeroth via the Dark Portal out of perceived necessity.

They waged war on the humans, eventually losing the Second War and being rounded up into internment camps. (Any orc under 25-30 years old will have been born in or soon after internment.) They were kept by the humans as slaves at best and animals at worst, falling into a deep lethargy as a result of withdrawal from Mannoroth's blood.

Thrall, son of Durotan and Draka (now dead), eventually broke free and rallied the other orcs around him. They escaped to Kalimdor, helped to defeat Archimonde, and then built the city of Orgrimmar in the land of Durotar.

Key points, with approximate ages (it's hard to be exact):

  • Any orc younger than 50 will not have known Orcish society as it was before Kil'jaeden. The older the orc, the more experience they will have had of this society.
  • Any orc aged around 40 or older will probably have drunk Mannoroth's blood (unless they were a Frostwolf, or had the redpox).
  • Any orc aged around 40 could have been magically aged. Children between 6 and 11 were taken and aged until they were 12.
  • Any orc younger than 40 will not have seen Draenor before it was shattered.
  • Any orc younger than 30 will not have seen Outland before.
  • Any orc younger than 25 will have been born into an internment camp (unless they are a Frostwolf).
  • Any orc younger than 18 will not have seen the inside of an internment camp whilst they were in use.
  • Any orc older than 5 cannot have been born within Durotar or Orgrimmar.

Orcs On The Sha'tar Edit

Characters Edit

Guilds/Clans Edit

Orc only guilds or guilds that focus on Orcish RP on the Sha'tar.

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