The Order of the Argent SunEdit

"From the Dawn rises the Sun" - Translated by mystic Scholars from an ancient text. (The original quote was attributed to one Crom Skullsmasher and actually read 'YER! Bash dem Scourge boyz good an' propa!')


Crom Skullsmasher stood at the head of twenty Knight of the Argent Dawn. Unlike most Argent Dawn knights these were the misfits who didn't quite fit into the accepted image of holy crusaders. When the Argent Dawn formed this splinter faction to place their misfits into they hadn't quite appointed a leader. The Orc known as Crom Skullsmasher had stepped up to claim this responsibility by taking the two, exceptionally large, Tauren who had been assigned to the group and smashing their heads together and proclaiming "I'z da boss. Any questions?" none were asked.

The Argent Dawn proceeded to leave this faction to do their own part in fighting the Scourge, though sometimes there was some infighting in the ranks which was usually ended with a large, green fist applied, tactfully, to the face.

A few months after their formation some poor decisions on the part of their leader had led this group of miscreants to a village that was right in the middle of a large, protracted battle between the Scourge and the Scarlet Crusade. Both factions wasted no time in falling upon the interlopers into their private battle.

Skullsmashers men took different reactions to their first true battle. Some ran fleeing, some made a half-hearted attempt to fight back and some tried to make it all go away by burying their heads in the sand, literally. Only one stood held their ground and fought with all their might. For centuries after scholars would argue whether, by standing and fighting, Skullsmasher was exceptionally brave, insanely stupid or just blood-drunk. All anyone is really sure of is that an Argent Dawn patrol came upon the smoking ruin of that village and found the Orc, surrounded by bodies and with a maniacal grin on his face.

If he thought spilling that much blood for the Dawn would get him in their ranks he was sorely mistaken. Skullsmasher was viewed with a mix of disgust, fear and reverence by the Argent Dawn. They left him with the tabard colours his group had worn and officially named it the Order of the Argent Sun. Hoping to both keep Croms loyalties close while distancing him slightly from themselves all the while explaining to the Orc that it was because they viewed him and his disciples as their "rising star".

Ego satisfied Crom Skullsmasher mounted his wolf "Gnasha" and charged off into the Plaguelands hoping to kill something.........or anything.

Real World Stuff You Should Probably KnowEdit

The Order of the Argent Sun is a Horde aligned Argent Dawn based guild. We've got a tabard and it's really pretty too!

As an Argent Dawn guild we see it as our civic duty to roam around the plaguelands and Northrend (if we can get there) and generally smite the horde/scarlet crusade. A quick glance over the backstory will reveal that even though we're part of a holy order we're made up of the less desirable elements. Though I probably wont knock back anyone who doesn't want to be a social outcast.

Preferably I'd like this guild to end up being a bit like the French Foreign Legion (I.E. Made of of people trying to get away from something whether they be refugees, criminals or fleeing some sort of arranged marriage or even their current spouse). Basically playing out like one of those war films where they take a bunch of people who don't like each other and throw them in a squad together.

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