Exarch Ormel, leader of the Aurora Wolves
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Physical Traits and Characteristics.Edit

A larger then average example of his species, Ormel is well built from millenia of training and war. Slow, lumbering and strong. Keeps his armour in pristine condition and on the occasions where his body is unarmoured, is coated with scars varying from the minor to the disfiguring in their severity. Keeps his hair tied up in a traditional style.

Tends to act in a fatherly manner to those around him, regardless of age. Despite his faith and devotion to the Holy Light he bears a near genocidal hatred of the Horde. The Orcs, for their atrocities on Draenor, the Blood Elves for the death of his wife, and the other member races purely by dint of association.

Race and ClassEdit

Argus born Draenei warrior


The Aurora Wolves mercenary unit.


Interim leader of the Aurora Wolves.


Wife: Alahnna (Deceased)

Daughter: Elani

Partner: Luai

Son in Law: Daaritu Stormcaller


Born on Argus, Ormel, having no interest in or grasp of magic, trained as a peacekeeper. A few years before the arrival of Sargeras and subsequent fall of the Eredar race, he married Alahnna. When the dark Titan made his offer to the Eredar race, Ormel sided with the followers of the Prophet Velen and became one of the Draenei. Over the course of the next twenty or so millenia he honed his combat skills as his wife trained as a Vindicator.

By the time the Draenei arrived on what is now known as Draenor, he had risen to the rank of Harbinger and Alahnna served as his superior at the rank of Exarch, Once it was decided that the Draenei would settle on this new world, Ormel and Alahnna bore a child, who they named Elani. For many many years they lived happily and peacefully until, in his endless search for warriors for the Burning Legion, Kil'jaeden stumbled across the Draenei's Orcish neighbours, and set to work orchestratring what would be become the purge of the Draenei.

During the ensueing conflict, Ormel spent much of the eight years, protecting refugees fleeing to shattrath. Only during the final siege of the Holy city did he become involved in anything larger then a minor skirmish. During the closing stages of the battle, he was inside a building which was struck by an infernal. Nearly crushed to death he was rescued days later by a few stragglers picking through the ruined city. After being taken to Telredor he was nursed back to health from his near crippled state over the course of many months.

When the Tempest Keep was taken by Blood Elves, Ormel participated in the assault and after the Exodar crashed on Azuremyst Isle, Alahnna was killed in blood elf ambush while they searched for Elani.

The now emotionally broken Ormel continued his search for his daughter while leading a demon hunting Order, soon after he found her the order was disbanded and Ormel took the mantle of a mercenary. He currently leads the Aurora Wolves mercenary unit. Ormel recieved his promotion to Exarch after his actions in the Silithid War, but continues moonlighting as a mercenary.

Family BackgroundEdit

Ormel was born into a family of mages, and was one of the few of his relatives who did not display an aptitude for magic. Of his family on Argus he is the only one still living.His daughter, Elani is his only living relative.

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal Notes Edit


If asked how old he is, Ormel generally responds with *Too old.* Or something similar.

I created Ormel after the guild I had been in on Hordeside collapsed, I created him as a warrior simply because I had played the class before and hated it. My cunning plan had been to give myself an excuse to run back to red team. That really bit me in the ass.

Contrary to what many seem to expect, Ormel does not fight fair. He is very much the bring a gun to sword fight type.

Quotes: *We have travelled an impossible distance to join with allies and form an "Unstoppable army of the Light* the Naaru spoke of....personally, I think we havent found those allies yet. Not on this World.*

*You're not worth the effort it would take to clean your blood off my blades.*

*I live and I will die for the Holy Light.*

* We all walk the path the Light created for us, denying this simple truth is folly.*