Name Edit

Orous Nightwhisper

Physical Traits Edit

Orous has light blue long hair. she doesn't usually change her apperance much and will always be wearing a Horizon tabard. She is normal height for a night elf and has quite pale blueish coloured skin

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Druid

Guild Edit

Major of Horizon

Occupation Edit

Orous is an engineer and miner but not a very skilled one, so she doesn't really trade much

Family Edit

Orous has a Mother and Father who she mentions at times, saying they live in Darnasus. She has never given the name of either parent and they have never been seen by anyone in RP. There is no mention of any siblings from Orous

Background Edit

Orous comes from Ashenvale and rarely revisits where she has come from. She joined Horizon after travelling alone around human teritory, she is currently a Major of Horizon. Since joining Horizon Orous has continued to explore and help people in need alone and with other members. Orous started going out with Emzée, another Horizon druid for a few months till that ended, they had decided to get married but it never came off. Orous is currently single and at the moment has no sign of any other love interest.

Family Background Edit

Orous is an only child with no signs of any problems with her parents. Orous' whole family have history of coming from Ashenvale

Criminal Record Edit

Orous has no criminal activity recorded