Pixel Glimmerstone

Pixel Glimmerstone. Use caution when apprehending

Lady Pixel Glimmerstone of Caer Darrow, Rogue mistress, Knight of the Ebon Blade.
Self-proclaimed Blade-Dancer.
Prefers, simply, "Pixel", "Miss Pixel" or, "Lady Glimmerstone"

A.K.A :

- Stop! Thief!
- Hey, did you hear th-Aaargh!
- Where'd she go!? Where'd she g--UGH!

Physical Traits Edit

A short (even for a Gnome), well-preserved Gnome of quite venerable age, Pixel has been described as 'larger than life' - using simple strength of personality to appear, somehow, bigger than she truly is.
She has pale smoke-gray to pure white hair.
Usually seen with, or not far from, a half-white, half-black cat.
Most notably, Pixel's eyes are pure and BRIGHT green; lacking whites, irii and pupils.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Rogue, Death Knight, dabbling Warlock

Guild Edit

Umbra (Guild Leader) and Penumbra (Deputy Guild Leader)

Occupation Edit

Sword and Dagger Combattant, Assassin, Thief, Spy, and all-round Ne'er-Do-Well for hire
Jack (jill?) of all trades, currently specialising in Mining and Skinning.
Master poisonbrewer.

Family Edit

Moiria Glimmerstone (Missing, presumed dead)

Background Edit

Despite her outgoing and more than open nature regarding the Umbras' activities, not a lot is known of Pixel prior to her true emergence upon the discovery of a Gnome Box.
She herself has admitted;
- At least one prior marriage, to an unidentified High Elf
- Once had three daughters, now deceased through the Gnomeregan Disaster - The only survivor of the Glimmerstone family seems to be Moiria Glimmerstone, who went missing around the time of the Lich King's true emergence.
- Once lost an eye in combat; she herself took up the professions of Engineering and Jewelcrafting to make herself a new eye, wich has an integrated, experimental Gnome Box unit built into it.
- At least two hundred years old.

Family Background Edit

The Glimmerstone family has always been a family of Rogues; unlike 'normal' Gnomes, they choose to adopt the family name, possibly due to the odd appearance of every member of the Family's eyes; not a single one has whites, iris, or pupil, the eyes instead orbs of a single, solid color.

Criminal Record Edit

As if you have to ask. Really.
This can't be displayed due to bandwidth restraints - plus, editor would be dead in days.

Personal Notes Edit

- Uses the word 'Dear' a lot.
- Likes beeing underestimated.
- Once bought an apple.