Possum Fenhide was a Tauren healer and love interest of Verdauga Whitecloud. Fenhide was an established healer in Silvermoon, often tending to victims of drunken brawls in the city. The white pelted Possum was seen by Verdauga as a potential mate and the two formed a relationship.

Tragically though, upon her last assignment in the east before coming home she was captured by the Scourge and taken into the Plaguelands. She became the Death Knight Doomwyte, and was resented greatly by Verdauga. However Doomwyte's old self remained in the world, assumed to be a shade of the Knight's past living essence.

Doomwyte was killed in Zul'Drak after only existing for several months and it was the final self-sacrificial actions of her shade, Possum that freed Verdauga from his madness. It could be seen that the purpose of Doomwyte's shade was only to exist to free Whitecloud from his unevitable corruption. To this day the shade of Possum is a figure shrouded in mystery but praised for martyrism.

Notes Edit

Before her death, Possum was fond of whiskey. She gave up drinking for her late mother.

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