Rush of knowledge art by eric peterson

Rush of Knowledge by Eric Peterson co. Wizards of the Coast

Introduction to the Psion Edit

Psions manipulate mental energies, their own and those of others. They are Arcane spellcasters who transmute their own mental energies via arcane magic into rays and blasts of negative energy which harms and disorients foes. Though their abilities are primarily offensive, they can also use their intimate knowledge and closeness with the mental to cure and diagnose mental illnesses as well as induce sleep and manipulate emotions to a certain extent by forcing a sentient being's brain to release various chemicals and substances into the body of the subject, of course against anything without a brain (elementals, machines etc) this does not work.

The Path of the Psion Edit

Training as a Psion is an arduous process, in particular the first half of a Psion's training is long and gruelling as they must master various philosophical and psychological theories of mind until they become aware enough and cloely enough intertwined with the mental to assume a semi-mental form which gives them a transparant, shadowed appearance. Attaining this ability is crucial and necesscary to a Psion's development for without it they cannot use any of their powers. Mental substances are completely different from physical substances and the two cannot interact without some form of interface to communicate through, the ability to assume hybrid mental/physical form provides this interface and allows the Psion to channel their mental energy into spells with visible effects.

The second half of a Psion's training is much more intuitive and active and consists mainly of converting their theories of mind into practical spells and abilities, unlike a Wizard or Mage a Psion tends to display a more relaxed and less focused personality during and after their final training sessions due to the intuitive nature of much of their spellcraft. Like many types of magic, however, there is a price every Psion must pay for their powers. They tend to feel negative emotions much more deeply than other mortals and are forever haunted by a cynical bitterness that comes from their years of dealing with the darker sides of many mortal minds, additionally any Psion caught out of their quasi-mental form is defenseless, unlike a Mage or Cleric who can always rely on their magic to protect them, a Psion cannot use any of their powers outside of this form.

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Priest - Shadow specialisation. The Psion's mental/physical form is obviously Shadowform and all of their magic deals with the mind hence Mind Flay, Mind Blast, Mind Control, Mind Sear and Mind Soothe are all perfect representational abilities.

Psions of The Sha'tar Edit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

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