Pyx Dawnstrider
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf Rogue
Level 70
Status Missing
Location Unknown

Pyx Dawnstrider


Pyx was left in the Murder Row inn as a child. Having only a few fragmented memories of her parents death at the hands of an unknown magic user and, thusly, having an odd fear of magic and fire, she survived by stealing and quick thinking.

This of course would lead her down the path of the rogue. A path with little magic and alot of stealing and quick thinking.

Known to many in Silvermoon, Pyx was always a bundle of energy, always making sure she'd stop and say hello to people she cared for such as Caliopé Markaneth, Xierria Feri and Nanexia Fenri, even if just for a split second before she'd run off again.

Rarely sitting still and with a taste for adventure it was never long before Pyx found herself in over her head.

It was after an adventure gone wrong in the plauge lands however, that Pyx finally found her place.

After escaping hordes of undead and making it safely back to Silvermoon, Pyx would encounter a priestess named Patricia 'Patchie' Dawnstrider. The two instantly took a shine to one another and it wasn't long before Pyx became Pyx Dawnstrider, Patchie's adopted daughter.

Rarely away from her new mother Pyx was brought on many an adventure, being encouraged to explore and grow under Patchie's watchful gaze.

However, disaster would strike as Patchie would lose herself to her shadow side and Pyx, in one dark and desperate moment would be forced to weild her daggers against her.

The outcome of the confrontation was unknown, but both Pyx and Patchie vanished.

Several months later Pyx would return to Silvermoon, alone. Looking for money she took a job and enlisted the help of Remic Marabon to assist. Things didn't go to plan and this drew the attention of the guards to her pressence in the city.

A large bounty was placed on her head for both theft and the suspected murder of her mother and, eventually, Pyx was forced to leave Silvermoon for her own safety and the safety of those she cared for.

Pyx, now a mistress of the rogue arts, vanished without a trace. Her wareabouts are unknown and it is doubtful she will be found unless she wishes it.




"Onwards! To Adventure!"-Before doing anything fun or dangerous.
"Boom!"-Often before vanishing.
"Am I gonna have to kill you?"


Pyx loves sweet things and shiney things.
She is a looting fiend.
She really was responsible for the great alcohal heist in the Silvermoon inns.

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