Dr Pzinget Flanglesprink Edit

(Although only her Granny and her Students call her that.)


Dr Pzinget Flanglesprink

Memberships Edit

Pzinget is fortunate to have a bed at the Redridge Retirement Home. She works for SI:7.

Physical Traits Edit

Short for a gnome and gently curving, with silvery hair tightly restrained in two bunches, you'd be hard-pressed to see Pzinget if she doesn't want to be seen. She has a thoughtful face, tired, sad eyes and a habit of licking her lips when she's thinking too hard. There are invariably at least seven weapons of a spiky nature about her person, which is usually clad in dark, bashed-up leather. She has two significant scars, and many more unsignificant ones.

At the moment, she's not getting enough sleep.

Occupation, hobbies and interests Edit

Pzinget currently holds the positon of Chair of Stealthology and Applied Trickognomics at SI:7, which she accepted last spring after being badly injured on a field mission. She is responsible for overseeing much of the teaching of junior members of the society, and regularly despairs at their efforts.

In her spare time she enjoys herbology, and is teaching herself calligraphy. She also rather enjoys a nice drink, and can often be found in the beer garden at Dalaran, scribbling another rude folk song on a piece of parchment.

Family Edit

Springet Flanglesprink is Pzinget's 237 year-old grandmother and only surviving relative. She lives in a little cottage in Dun Morogh and regularly goes hunting wolves.

Background Edit


Pzinget and Bitey

Pzinget was born in Gnomeregan to Ronette and Chargit Flanglesprink, who with all good intention decided that their new daughter's habit of vanishing unexpectedly had to be a sign of latent magical ability. They therefore invested a lot of time and gold in ensuring their daughter would receive the best of magical educations, and purchased her a new pointy hat each birthday.

Before long, it became apparent that Pzinget had the same talent for 'wiggly fingerses' as a house brick, and after ploughing her exams to enter mage school for the fifth time, her parents sighed a sad, wistful sigh and waved their daughter off to horizons new. Pzinget was sent away in disgrace to work with her father's old friend Dr Mixilpixil in Stormwind; as it happens, this was just before the fall of Gnomeregan. Both parents were sadly killed in the defence of the city, but free from their glowering (if distant) interest, Pzinget began to investigate the opportunities open to a small gnome with a lust for sharp pointy steel and the ability to move from one place to another unseen.

After passing her final examinations with distinction, Pzinget was offered a junior post in SI:7 as a field agent and started to travel Azeroth. It was in these years that she began to fomulate the theory of trickognomics (a refined method of using the art of distraction and stealthy manouveres to provide a more efficient means of inhumation) that would later lead to her doctorate and election to the teaching chair.


Dark Gnome

Pzinget's field days ended abruptly last spring, when a mission she was involved in went badly wrong, leading to both the death of the target she was meant to rescue and the near-loss of her right arm. She decided to remove herself from active service, taking the hurridly scraped-together academic position.

In an attempt to recover from a cycle of personal life mishaps, Pzinget is currently taking some time out from her teaching commitments to explore Northrend and to publish her Theory of Trickognomics.

Criminal Record Edit

SI:7 cannot and will not release the personal files pertaining to one of its employees and their missions, all of which are, of course, entirely legal. In most countries. Well, some countries anyway. Actually...