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Bloodsail Admiral Quincy Lyon

Physical TraitsEdit

He has an average height for a Sin'dorei and does not seem to look all that physicly strong.

Most of his skin has been burned away either by the explosion that caused his death or by flames or holy energy used on him during his many battles.

He replaces his skin with the skin of his victems, at times he even uses the skin of other races. (such as that of Kaldorei's)

He has semi-long dark and messy hair.

He misses his left little toe and his right ringfinger and large chunks of his once long ears.

You will hardly ever see him without his hat and most of his clothing is red, he shows his Bloodsail connection with great pride.

Since his death he has a speaking disorder, it takes him some effort and time to speak.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Blood Elf


The Bloodsail Elite


He's the Admiral of a band of pirates, The Bloodsail Elite, he earns his living by stealing and plundering small towns.


Little is known about his origins, he grew up with a father, mother, older brother and little sister, he had not seen any of them since he had run away, except for his brother who he had recently met, turns out his brother had also died and became a powerfull Death Knight serving Arthas.

Ex-husband of Lyssah Galdaria, they had a son together, Atelic Lyon, however Quincy does not see him as his son as he was born and raised during Quincy's death, they only met when Atelic was already a teenager, furthermore he see's Atelic as a disgrace to the Lyon name due to his friendlyness towards others, even The Alliance.

He adopted Shalya after torturing her for many times when they were both alive, he found out he cared for her when he noticed she was going to die by the same disease as he did.

She is the only one that can make wrong remarks about his hat and get away scot free.


He started life as a spoiled brat, he ran away from home when he found his mother bed with a man that was not his father.

He decided he was going to be a brave adventurer, a sailor perhaps even.

After being denied by many ships due to his young age there was one man that did allow him to come aboard his ship, Admiral Derekking. Years past and the young Quincy learned alot from this Admiral, he looked up to him with great pride.

However, on a dark night everything went wrong, they were atacked by pirates, Quincy rushed to get his saber to aid in the fight, but what he saw froze him completly, Admiral Derekking was aiding the pirates.

The Admiral laughed at Quincy and told him that bloodshed, large ammounts of it are needed if you wish to progress in life.

He then left with the pirates, they fired a few cannonsballs to sink the ship, the entire crew was dead, except for Quincy, he was holding on to a wooden plank for dear life for several hours before being rescued by another merchant vessel.

After that he started to work his way up the ranks himself, a certain happyness filled his heart every time he went up.

By the time he was a Captain he was already fully matured and seen most of the world, it was time to become an Admiral, by a heroic tale.

In the same style as his former Admiral had performed he managed to kill his own crew, before also killing the pirates, he used their cannons to sink his own ship, their blades to create deep wounds in himself, all would have to look as if he barely survived a terrible pirate atacked, a story of heroism.

His plan worked and he gained the rank of Admiral.

Time for some shore leave, he told them because of the mental stress he would need atleast a year to recover.

This was poorly timed, he returned to their capital city only a day before the atack, cursing his own fate as he became a Sin'dorei like most of his kind.

After they rebuild Silvermoon he noticed how the Blood Knights got to push around the civilians, his already green eyes showed envy, and thus he applied to become one aswell during his shore leaves.

He enjoyed pestering the innocent, it gave him a good feeling to know he was more powerfull then them.

One day he heard about The Essence, a group of what sounded like ritualist, praying to some Queen, he was sceptical at first but when he heard about the power he could gain from it, he just had to enquire more about it.

That is when he met Monor, after a short talk with this forsaken he was determined and he was let in The Essence.

As time past he grew ranks amongst them aswell, his specialty amongst them was creating tactical plans for their many battles.

Somewhere along this time he met Lyssah, an annoying young woman who wouldn't leave him alone, she became one of his first real victems of torture.

Somehow she proved herself to be usefull to him in other ways then a victem so she slowly progressed to become more in his life, untill eventually, they were married.

All was going well for him, he had a wife, was a relativly well known Blood Knight, A high ranked officer of The Essence and of course still an Admiral.

From then on, everything went down hill, he was send off to a large naval battle with enemies using strange new powers, he only barely survived but they decided to take in his ship (The Tannaquill) for further research, he disagreed, but they took it by force.

There was little he could do as he was still recovering, little to do except going on research and planning vengance towards the greedy goblins that stole his ship.

That is when he found the Bloodsails, they would aid him and even let him become an Admiral amongst their ranks, well, that is if he managed to severly wound the Baron of Booty Bay.

It was a long and hard fight to get through Booty Bay, butchering the guards to make his way up to the Baron, fueled by his hate.

The Baron was quickly overpowered and defeated.

When he told this to the Bloodsails they grinned and agreed to aid him, a full frontal atack was send to Booty Bay so he could resteal his own ship, from then on he replaced the old blue Admirals hat with his new red Bloodsail Admirals hat.

When he returned to Silvermoon The Essence had made quite a name for themselves and people were already suspecting him to be involved, he however did not care and only became more brutal towards the citizens and more openly showed his connection with The Essence.

When the Blood Knights found this out he was removed from their ranks and was told to be arrested for his crimes against the city.

This is when he became his worst, he would find more victems, enarly daily for his sick torture games and on Hallows End he held a relativly large torture fest to please their Queen in hope to bring her to their realm using the screams of torture and a homemade demonic device.

But when it was finaly midnight the Queen did not show, all that happened was the corruption of the device, causing it to explode, Quincy was caught in the demonic blast and it's corruption spread through his body, though he did not know it yet back then, this sealed his fate, he had just killed himself.

More plans were made with The Essence and they finaly managed to gather all they would need to summon thier Queen, this time there were no doubts, they rallied in Silithus for the final summoning.

Many enemies showed up but their efforts were in vein as the members of The Essence kept up a barrier to protect them.

The earth began to shake and large cracks appeared, Monor became restless and eventually cracked, he told them to stop, to aboard, were they to continue they would destroy Azeroth!

He then explained that it was all a lie, there was no such thing as an Essence Queen, merely illusions and lies.

The barrier began to crack, Quincy was shocked, he saw Monor run away, he tried to go after him but he dissapeared and when he turned around he saw a very angry mob all waiting for the shield to crack.

He looked at Seraphiel and nodded, with loud screams they went into battle with their enemies but it wasn't long before they would be overpowered, luckily Quincy payed attention during his Blood Knight lessons and he created a small aura of protection around him, it lasted long enough for him to escape using his hearthstone.

He escaped, but this was long from over, he started his search for Monor, he was surprised to find out his heart was not filled with hate, but rather with respect, admiration and somehow, trust.

Finaly he heard Monor so he rushed in a cave only to find Geis fighting Monor, now he did feel hate, hate, for Geis.

A fight unveiled between Geis and Quincy and Quincy won, he took Monor to safety on the old Essence Isle where they would plot their next move, even if The Essence Queen was fake, there were bound to be more legends around, some that could be real.

They were discovered by Sithren whom overpowered Quincy and sucked away his holy energy through some strange crystal.

Quincy lied against a wall, exhausted, injured when he suddenly felt an extra wound, it was Geis, he found him and was taking advantage of Quincy's weaker state.

All he could do was laugh at Geis and told him he was too afraid to kill Quincy, told him to finish him.

So Geis placed more poison on his already poisoned blades and stabbed Quincy through the chest, placing him in a coma and would he not be found soon it would kill him.

Luckily another young woman found him, Lea Ann Striton, she took care off him for three months before he finaly came out of his coma.

When he woke up he found out that The Essence was over, Monor was dead.

And Geis now started another group, The Remnants of The Essence.

This is when Quincy decided it was time to use his rank to it's fullest.

It was the time he created, The Bloodsail Elite.

The first Captains would be Lyssah, his wife, and Seraphiel, the third officer of The Essence.

Minor fights started between The Bloodsails and The Remnants, but never anything too serious.

Something was wrong, Quincy was getting weaker, his muscles refused to work, his skin would peel off and later entire bodyparts would fall off.

It was then, at this late state when he found out that the explosion during Hallows End had corrupted his body and was slowly killing him, no ammount of holy energy could save him now, no antidote could be found, only thing that was certain was his own death.

''If I must die, let it be in style.''

For one week he constantly fought, during the final day he invited all his enemies to fight him and his Bloodsails in The Arena in Stranglethorn.

In his weakened state he was beaten, but he did not lose.

He revealed that during the same week he had set up Geis, made it seem like Geis had blown up an inn in Silvermoon so he would once again become wanted.

He cackled as he escaped.

Then, the day had come, all preperations would be used.

He turned his ship, The Tannaquill into one big floating ritual, using anything that might increase the chance of his return, he rallied up the Bloodsails one more time and he said his goodbye.

The ship set sail, towards the horizon where it would explode, releasing waves of demonic and necromatic energy.

Months past and despite him no longer being around his tortures would continue, his soul would occasionaly posses Shalya, he would use her body to torture those close to Geis but no one could ever expect her to do such a thing, she was known to be a sweet and innocent girl, she could never do such things.

Finaly, one night she placed Geis in a seat in a hidden tomb within the Badlands, connecting IV-drips filled with poison to his bloodstream, ontop of this seat was some kind of alarm-o-bot which would register the ammount of people in the room, the more people, the more poison would enter his body, as planned his many friends and family came looking for him, but before they entered the room they noticed something was wrong, foiling the plan, or so they thought.

A slow and dark cackle could be heard from the stairs leading down to the tomb, a damaged forsaken man showed up, making his way through the surprised people into the room.

He introduced himself, he had returned, The Admiral he rissen from the dead once more.

Then he returned to Silvermoon, to find his wife, he found a youngman to be very close to her, so he atacked him, pushed his clawlike hands through the boys side before pushing him into the fountain, it seems it was his own son, Lyssah had become pregnant of Quincy a little while before his death, and this was his son.

Not sure what to think of him at first he allowed the kid, Atelic, to prove himself, but he failed, Quincy was not content with his son and their arguments turned into small fights over time.

His wife became more and more distant to him, he pretended not to notice, but he could not help it but to grow angry to both of them.

The following months were pure war between the Bloodsails and The Remnants, kidnappings, tortures, fights all would occur daily, untill one day Quincy and Geis ended in a tie.

They called the war off, enough had happened, it was done.

A time of calmth passed for a while, Quincy used this to reinforce The Bloodsails, to train them and to have some fun in between.

One of his most fun past times was still teasing Shalya, though less then before, it would still ussualy involve pain, but not as brutal as before.

Then he noticed her health becoming worse and worse, he started to worry, the first signal to himself that he actually did care for her.

After some research it seemed like Shalya was infected by the same demonic energy as Quincy was.

They tried to create an antidote and along the way he noticed just how much he cared for her, she had become like a daughter to him, so he asked her if she wanted to be adopted by him, it took her some time to answer, but eventually she said yes.

Just before they got the final ingredient to save her she died off the disease, but her soul was still near her body and by using every ounce of energy within him he manage to recreate a little of the holy energy he used to have to bring her soul back into her now dead body.

The two got quite close together, but he had to promise her he would -never- hurt her again, that is the promise he made, the promise he would keep.

The closer they got the bigger the distance between his wife and son and eventually they got divorced, he wanted to take his ring off his finger but it was bend and burried within his finger, so instead he removed his entire finger.

Months later when all was good again he started to search after rare objects, he would use the Bloodsails to get what he wanted, and for a very short time he actually possesed The Scythe of Elune, but it was useless to him as whenever he would try to use it, his entire body would freeze untill the next dawn.

He tried to capture The Staff of Atiesh but untill this day he has not found it.

In the mean time he would earn his money by stealing and plundering with the Bloodsails and he got his fun by, despite his looks, seducing Sin'dorian women.

The relations would never last very long though as whenever they got closer he would show his true face, and they never cared to stay after.

He treated Shalya like he would treat his own daughter, they would go get icescream, would go fish, would go collect Kaldorei ears which they both loved.

Then a young man entered her life, a living one, Raelthas, he did not aprove of this boy and they would often fight.

To prove his love Raelthas would have to die for Shalya, so he did, he also rose up again, but even then, Quincy did not like the arrogant boy and they would continue to fight, however he would keep his promise, he would not kill him nor would he stop their marriage.

However, this marriage never happened.

After being alive again for half a year or a bit more, Shalya died, again.

This crushed Quincy, he no longer had his wife, son or daughter so he collapsed for two weeks into soft soil where moss would grow on his body.

He found someone to keep him company, another Sin'dorei girl, her name was Shandiss, she would become his pet, he renamed her Fimble, named after a Thimble, seemingly useless but for what it's worth it fufills it's purpouse.

Eventually he woke up, still grieved and now no one would hold him back, he tortured like when he was still alive, a new day, a new victem.

Month past again before he was approached by Thranduin, a man he had never liked, someone who had captured him once along with a handfull of Blood Knights, he was the main person to inflict holy pain upon Quincy, but now, he had an offer...

Quincy agreed to it, as if he had no choice, he would do anything for the promise, he would get her back, Shalya would be reborn, as a Death Knight.

Both kept their end of the bargain and Shalya was returned to Quincy and he was once again calmed down and somewhat happy.

Months later, in the sewers of Dalaran there was a fatefull meeting between him and his brother, the brother he had not seen for twohundred years, the brother that had turned out to become a Death Knight, a powerfull one at that.

It was there and then that it was explained to Quincy that he had nothing to do with his own rebirth and all of it was thanks to the Scourge, his brother in particular, they had found his remains, stitched them back together and re-animated him whilest at the same time taking advantage of the still fresh fel energy in his flesh.

The Admiral was told about his true powers, the ability to change his own shape into that of a demon, like a magical suit of armour it would protect him and enhance his powers.

He was forced to unleash it onto his brother, would he have lost the battle he would become part of the Scourge again.

With these newfound powers he had challenged his son to a fight, hopefully one that would end either's life.

The fight raged on in the Western Plaguelands and the Admiral had used his powers and with them he was close to ending the life of his son, only to be stopped by his daughter, she had cut the Admiral's back with her holy encrusted blade, forcing him to release his son.

At this point many unexpected ''guest'' arived, some of them wanting to take this chance to get rid of The Admiral, however he was saved by a woman that goes by the name Danade, a Blood Knight, she took him on her horse and brought him to safety where she tended his wounds.

So now they are still both alive and unlike what most people would think he never even punished his daughter for her actions.

Nowadays he still hunts for ancient weapons, he still rules over The Bloodsail Elite, he still goes out with living Sin'dorian women and spends his time with his daughter.

Criminal RecordEdit

Far too much to mention.

Personal NotesEdit

Whenever someone adresses him without his tittle he says: ''That's Admiral Quincy.. to you..''

When he was alive he said: ''That's -Admiral- Quincy to you.''

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