Ah be a Darkspea troll Beastmasta an' a membah o' da Eyes. Mah life be happe todae, bu' Ah faced sum perils an' sad moments durin' mah short lifespan. Ah be no' famous, Ah prefa ta stae alone wid da Beasts an' da Nature. Howeva, Ah have some friends Ah remain loeal too, an' Ah help da Eyes wheneva Ah can. Out o' dese friends, Iofur be da most special ta me. She (Ya, SHE!) be ma bes' friend, an' Ah be neva lettin' 'er down.

Ramaka dancing on the fire
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Beastmaster
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Affiliation Horde
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Location Travelling around Azeroth.
Status Alive
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Full Name Edit

Beastmaster Ramaka of the Darkspear Tribe

Physical Traits Edit

Ramaka is shorter and bulkier than the average darkspear troll. His skin is blue and so is his hair, although its hue is darker. The troll's tusks are well-sized, curved upwards and pointy, while his eyes are of a strong red clay. Ramaka usually wears tribal clothing made of leathers, furs and feathers, adjusted to whatever weather he is venturing at. The beastmaster has no remarkable scars and his only tattoo is on his right ear, which represents a black tribal snake.

Race and Class Edit

Ramaka, of the noble Darkspear trolls, is a Beastmaster, one deadly warrior of the wilds. He prefers to use a bow over melee weapons and he is commonly accompanied by a friendly wild beast, being thesereasons why he is often mistaked as being just a regular hunter.

Guild Edit

Former member of The Thousand Eyes, Ramaka became part of The Opened Eyes after that rebellious group broke up from the original guild. The beastmaster eventually left The Opened Eyes as well, while he had an internal maelstrom, to mind his own business and enjoy some cowardly won peace. He rejoined The Eyes of Kalimdor a year later to resume his duty as a Wildcat. Ramaka got a promotion, becomming one of the Eye's Wildrangers, head of the hunters. ((To be Updated))


Ramaka and his Engineering master, Twizwick Sprocketgrind.

Occupation Edit

Ramaka has no fixed occupation. Usually, the troll prowls the wilderness, hunting, exploring and looking for minerals to craft Engineering devices. He also spends a portion of his time to help out The Thousand Eyes.

Family Edit

Ramaka has both parents dead. His father was Rin'lu, a hunter of some renown and skill, also known for defending, now and then, the ways of the Nature. His mother was Surla, assistant to the tribe's Witchdoctor. Ramaka has a sister who he loves, Valbin. Unfortunately, she was killed by a spider a few months after his family moved to the Stonetalon Mountains. Ramaka also has a half-brother, Zannu, son of his mother and the Witchdoctor she worked for.

Background Edit


No one really knows how old Ramaka is. He claims to be on his early twenties; still, this is not certain information.

The troll was born in Stranglethorn Vale, like most adult Darkspears. His early life was passed running from the bloodthirsty Hakkari trolls, who saw his kind as unworthy and a worthy target for their fury. When Warchief Thrall saved the Darkspears and took them with the orcs to Kalimdor, Ramaka's family went along, his parents wanting to give their children a chance to survive.

When they arrived, however, peace had still to be fought for. Rin'lu, the father, battled as an archer against the Legion, dying bravely while defending his family. Surla, on her turn, moved on, and about 7 years ago took her kids to the then newly founded village of Malaka'jin, at Stonetalon Mountains. There they lived happily, and Surla eventually found another mate, a young troll called Tul'ju. Ramaka, unlike his sister Valbin, never accept his mother's latest mate, due to the fact his "stepfather" was just a few years older than him.

During this period, Ramaka began to finally use correctly the skills his father had taught him and became a respectable hunter on his own right. The novice hunter also became responsible for his sister, since their mother was now too busy employing her life-long skills working for Malaka'jin's Witchdoctor. It was one fateful day, during a tag and run game with Valbin, that tragedy shadowed the small family once more: A huge spider attacked the female troll child, and even though Ramaka managed to exterminate the giant pest, its poison proved to be lethal and Valbin succumbed. Two years after their arrival to Stonetalon Mountains, sadness invaded Ramaka's life.

The EscapeEdit

Sick of his mother's ways and upset by Valbin's death, Ramaka had nothing which made him a part of the small troll community of Malaka'jin anymore. It was only a matter of time until the hunter would run away from home. His chance came with a tauren caravan which had the need to go through Stonetalon to reach its destination. Ramaka could barely talk Orcish and knew no Taur-ahe at all, but he managed to join the taurens on their journey. During the trip, Ramaka learned that they travelled to sell and buy goods. However, for this once, their goal was different: they sought to reach Desolace's Kodo Graveyard, where one of their aged Kodos could spend its final moments. All went well, and by the time they arrived at the Graveyard, Ramaka could speak a rudimentary Orcish and knew a handful of practical Taur-ahe words. The taurens then offered the Troll an opportunity to further travel with them. It could take a few months, but they would eventually reach Mulgore and Ramaka could live there.

The caravan travelled through various places in Desolace, The Thousand Needles, The Barrens and finally Mulgore. When they reached Thunder Bluff, four years since the Ramaka's arrival at Kalimdor had passed. He now spoke fluent orcish enhanced by his troll accent, and was able to read and write in orcish. Ramaka did not stay in Thunder Bluff, instead, he went to live among the wild in Mulgore, sleeping under the trees and hunting his own food.

The Beast and the BeastmasterEdit

As time drifted by, Ramaka began to notice his love for the beasts. The troll hunted down just what was strictly necessary and he utilized every part of the carcasses: he ate the meat, crafted clothes with the furs and leathers and used teeth, claws and the likes to make necklaces and weapons. Still, this was not the main reason for his most recently discovered passion.

One night, in which a silvery full moon cast its light down below, the hunter met an unlikely prey: a huge blueish grey wolf with bright yellow eyes. The wolf was a beautiful specimen, a fierce male tailored to be an alpha. What happened after changed Ramaka's life forever. The wolf barked and howled, but inside his head the troll could hear words. He did not identify the language, nor did he need to, for he understood their meaning... The wolf told the hunter he was Roukhan, previously Alpha of a pack, but now he was a loner, yet not revealing why he had left his pack. Ramaka thought about his reply to the wolf, not sure if he would understand... but the beast did! The silent pact was made... they were to respect each other's hunting territory and meet again only when the time was right. They lived like this for many weeks.

The moon was full again when their next meeting happened. A howl pierced the air, sounding extremely familiar to Ramaka. The troll followed, and he found the great wolf Roukhan, with a plainstrider in front of him. Using the same mind speech, the wolf invited Ramaka to eat the plainstrider he had hunted himself, offer the hunter accept promptly. As they ate the meal, Roukhan revealed some more about what Ramaka had become: the animals would not talk with the troll unless they wanted to; he could never chose when he wanted to do this. Likewise, if Ramaka desired to keep this kind of bond with the nature, he could never tame a beast and use it like a pet, or, in the wolves' words, a slave; if the beasts wanted to serve the Beastmaster, they would do so as friends, helping him while being helped in return. Still, Roukhan would not tell Ramaka his fate was and meant, not yet. The wolf promised a third meeting, when he felt Ramaka would be ready.

Roukhan summoned Ramaka for the third time the following full moon, but this time the wolf could not be found. The troll became worried and searched far and wide for the beast. When he finally found Roukhan, it was too late. The wolf was dying, and he would not last too long. Ramaka held the tears as he tried to heal Roukhan to no avail. The beast made it clear that his chances of survival were virtually none, and asked the hunter to not care about his wounds; instead, he ought to pay full attention. Reluctantly, Ramaka agreed and Roukhan told him he was destinated to be one of the Beastmasters, a warrior of the wild and a comrade to all beasts. The wolf then asked Ramaka to always respect and protect the ones who gifted him. The hunter signed the oath with his own blood, letting Roukhan lick a wound the made with one of his arrows. And after the oath was made, Roukhan died.

Finding the WayEdit

Ramaka spent days searching for the person, animal or thing which had killed his wolf friend. The Beastmaster found out that the demon-wounded wolf known as Ghosthowl had killed his friend. The combat seemed to be honourable in Ramaka's opinion, so he ditched this subject and decided to move on once again, sorrow for the latest loss plaguing his steps.

At that time, Ramaka had no particular reason to search for a better life; hunt was abundant in Mulgore, water never failed him and the weather was splendid. Still, something was missing. It was the thrill of adventure, Ramaka discovered two months after the death of Roukhan. The troll had not seen civilization for quite a while, as well. He calculated he had arrived at Kalimdor almost five years past, and a year had passed since he had arrived to Mulgore. Decided to find other verdant pastures beyond Mulgore, Ramaka packed his few belongings and moved to Thunder Bluff, looking for an adventure. There, he found an old bleach white tauren advertising a group named The Thousand Eyes. The tauren, whose name was Verdauga , claimed the Eye's goal was to keep the old ways of the Horde, and they also were protectors of the wild of sorts. The Beastmaster saw that group fitted him in perfection, and joined the Eyes.

During this life stage, he found his lifelong friend, Iofur, and made many other humanoid and bestial friends. Ramaka learned a lot, and taught some things himself. The period he passed with The Thousand Eyes was of prosperity and happiness, although, like always, joy could and would not last forever.

Corruption and the OpeningEdit

The sands of time were blown, and Verdauga was sent by the Cenarion Circle to Northrend, where he became possessed by the Old God Yogg-Saron. The rest of the Eyes were completely scattered and confused, without a clue of what to do when Verdauga suddenly turned The Thousand Eyes into a cult to worship Yogg-Saron. Ramaka left the group during this time of corruption, to resume his life as loner hunter at Mulgore, with Iofur being his beast companion. During one of his rare visits to Thunder Bluff, Ramaka heard the Eyes had freed themselves from the corruption, and thus he joined The Opened Eyes, where he passed a few more weeks, although not as intense as the ones passed with the original Eyes. The troll thought the group had lost its essence, and left it to be alone once more.

The Horde and the Eyes of KalimdorEdit

Ramaka realized did not want to be an useless loner who did nothing to help the faction which kept Mulgore safe. Adamant in the subject, Ramaka aided the Horde numerous times, not gaining any fame, but helping to keep it in one piece. His bond with the nature grew stronger, as Ramaka found a new beast friend, a reddish brown wolf he named Roukan, in honour of the first wolf friend he had ever had. Even with the company of his beast comrades and an occasional humanoid partner who helped Ramaka with his duties, the beastmaster felt lonely. Months had passed since he had left The Opened Eyes. Perhaps they had changed? Perhaps they had recovered their essence meanwhile? Ramaka wanted to know, and he searched, until he finally found Talnes Whitecloud, the new leader of the group, which suffered another name change: they were now The Eyes of Kalimdor. Talnes let Ramaka join, where the troll met with some old friends and got to know more. After a few weeks, he got promoted to Wildranger, to aid leading the Eyes, while helping out novice hunters and aspiring Beastmasters (he is yet to find an apprentice). Once again, Ramaka is crossing a joyful period while he writes his future.

(To be Updated)

Family Background Edit

Rin'lu met Surla when he was still a kid, and they grew together. When they both hit adulthood, Rin'lu asked Surla to become his mate and so she did. From their union was born Ramaka and, later Valbin. Rin'lu hunted beasts and collected berries and fruits to feed his family and, if possible, the tribe. Surla, on the other hand, worked for their village's Witchdoctor, who gave them a hut and an occasional material good in exchange.

Rin'lu never betrayed his mate, unlike many male trolls, but Surla did. She and the Witchdoctor were lovers, and they gave birth to Zannu. Ramaka only found that misgiving recently, after he met a troll with a hair similar to his mother's and a snake tattoo on the ear just like his own. Their intial relation was hostile, but Zannu and Ramaka became good friends later on.

Valbin was a lovely troll child, who would grow into an beautiful woman. However, she was killed very young by a spider and her brilliant future was shattered by the powerful venom.

Quotes Edit

"SHE!", evoked quite often when people mistake Iofur for being a male.

"Ya shoud nevah use da beasts as slaves. NEVAH!", said to a hunter who used his animal just like a slave.

"Iofur, ya kno' ya be mah beast friend. Ah be nevah leavin' ya.", Ramaka tells this to Iofur frequently before they sleep.

Trivia Edit

  • This troll is crazy for sea food. He is an average cooker, but a very well made plate of sea food will conquer his heart... for a while.
  • Not being a very common craftskill for his kind, Ramaka follows the ways of Engineering because of the goblin Twizwick Sprocketgrind, who the troll found once while exploring the Venture Co. mine, Mulgore.
  • His best friend is Iofur. She got her name because of her iron coloured fur.
  • Ramaka is a part-time explorer and rather good with disguises, even if he often fails to put them in action.
  • He is not very fond of snakes and spiders.

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