Name Edit

Rayen Moonfeather. Just call me Moonfeather.

Physical TraitsEdit

A brief description of physical appearance and objects of note.

Race and Class Edit

Tauren Druid



Occupations your character has. May be game professions and RP professions.

Family Edit

Father: Bron Thunderstar (A hunter, Killed in Outland)

Mother: Maiara Moonfeather (A Druid, Killed in Outland) Older sister: Winoa Thunderstar( A Hunter - Kept her Father's surname*)

* see personal notes.


Summary of your personal history

Family BackgroundEdit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal RecordEdit

Include or omit according to the case.

Personal NotesEdit

 The reason Winoa and Rayen don't have the same surname when they are sisters is because their father's surname was Thunderstar and he was a Hunter, their mother's surname was Moonfeather and she was a druid. When she married their father she kept her surname. Winoa takes the name Thunderstar for she is a hunter and Rayen took Moonfeather for she is a Druid.

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