Remic Marabon
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Level 70
Status Active
Location The Far North


Remic Marabon was a Master Rogue. Skilled in poisons and trained in both daggers and swords, he was the shadow of death to any he was hired to kill.

He was however, arrogent and self assured, not truely knowing his own limit, and therein would be his downfall.
Never commiting crimes for reason other than personal monetary gain Remic made his livlihood through theft and double speak.

He rarely, if ever, turned down a high paying job. So when his friend, a young rogue named Pyx Dawnstrider, approached him for help with a high paying heist, he couldn't say no.

The task set before him was simple. Break in, retreive an Orb of unknown magical properties from the home of an Arch Mage, get out, profit.

The plan however, though simple as it was, did not go according to his ideal. Upon reaching the Orb, Remic was confronted by the Arch Mage who was none too appreciative of his fine work at making it that far. With a flick of her wrists and a flash of arcane energies, everything went dark for Remic.

Two weeks later a young girl would wake up in Silvermoons Murder Row, quite dazed and confused and wondering why she was suddenly so short. The mage, knowing that no conventional prison could hold a rogue, had crafted a prison of her own for the wiley Remic. A body of magical clay, crafted flawlessly into the image of a young Sin'Dori female which would hold Remic soul. Trapped.
Inifay Marabon was born.

This is where the body and the soul seperate. Whilst the soul was trapped in clay, the body was sent to the north to keep it from it's original owner. In a twist of fate however, the transport holding it was attacked and the body was taken and later caught in a resurection. Remic arose. A pawn of the Lich. Souless. A mere shell filled with hatred and anger. His only true desire, to retake the soul he was now missing. By any means necessary.

The Remic Knight, however, was defeated in battle by a member of Inifay's adopted family after an attempt to find Inifay and retrive their collective soul. Striped of his powerful armour and his body burned, it would seem that the Remic Knight is no more.


All Remic's Family are dead. There is however Inifay Marabon. Which is everything good that was ever in Remic. Family in a way.


"I've slain many of your kind Dark One..."
"There will be blood..."
"I will end you..."
"Stand against me and perish..."
"Is there a next of kin I can mail your head to...?"
"In your chest beats a dead heart, in your head thinks a dead brain and in your veins runs your freedom, your life is but an illusion..."


He'd kill you soon as he'd look at you.

Criminal RecordEdit

As a rogue Remic had a long criminal record and was suspected of everything from petty theft to Assassination.
As a souless Death Knight however he has become a mass murderer, often wiping out entire villages if he doesn't get the information he wants.

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