Renard the Fox is one of the more sympathetic Guardian Spirits. A mage of not inconsiderable power, clad in orange, black and white robes, equipped with dashing, rogueish good looks, a charming attitude and a wit so sharp that his best retorts could physically bite, he is the patron of Elven mages who prefer to solve their problems not with violence, but with wit, unconvenional tactics and trickery, but being able to great bursts of power if needed. This is the story of his greatest exploit...

Dark clouds gathered over Quel'thalas. In all living memory, the then-reigning queen Eruina Sunstrider is recorded as the most brilliant monarch the country ever had.

Most brilliant...

...and most ruthless...

...and most despised.

Day by day, the land became more beautiful and more prosperous, but at a great price. Eruina created a secret police to wrest complete control over her subjects' lifes, despite nationwide protests. Day by day, their methods and goals became more sinister. Day by day, more people disappeared, some to be seen again, some to be not. Soon, no betrayal was too immoral, no execution too unjust, no sanctuary too holy. It was a time of great villany... but also of great heroism.

And so, one of the heroes who were beacons of hope for the oppressed common folk was Renard the Fox. Clad in orange robes, he helped countless with his wit and cunning. No lock was too hard to open, no warding too complicated to dispel, no mind too powerful to charm for him.

Yet, even he could not run circles around the royal lackeys forever. Each mission, each rescue, each heist was more difficult and daring than the previous and soon the inevitable happened. And so, Renard was captured, speedily tried and convicted to execution by beheading, which was about to happen on the very next sunrise. The royal Magisters were ordered to create a web of antimagic on the execution hill, and the guards to man every possible spot. Renard was left helpless; no rescue, magical or mundane would come save him. All seemed lost until the very last moment...

Just as the headsman's axe was about to fall, a great wind rose, and in a flash of white fire a figure in simple white robes appeared. The audience let out a huge gasp - it was the Silver Sage, a living legend among Elves, a High Caster so powerful and wise that he could defy the very laws of magic in his casting, as it was said! He waved his hand in a gentle motion and disintegrated the axe as if it was child's play. And then, in the complete silence that ensued he spoke:

"For too long you have abused your royal rights and oppressed the Quel'dorei! For too long have the people been crying because of you! Your soul is that of a monster, and so shall your body become!"

In the very moment he ceased to speak, Eruina, present at the execution, began to change: her body became black and bloated and grew to a gargantuan size, resembling a huge, disgusting leech.

"No! Please don't! I shall change! I shall atone! Have mercy!", she screamed in terror as she saw what was becoming of her.

"You have ignored the warnings of the Quel'istari and all wise men in the land! You have used up all your last chances! This is your punishment!"

"However, I am not without mercy", he continued. "You shall be free of this form if a Quel'dorei ever truly begins to feel love to you!"

And so Eruina was exiled from Silvermoon and Quel'thalas. At first she wanted to make up for her crimes in *any* way possible, but was not able to due to her form and her reputation, driving her to despair and madness. Then she felt sorrow, then hopelessness, then... she wanted only vengeance.

It was five years. Five long years until the monster Eruina became, now as large as the Bluff upon which we are, returned to Quel'thalas, seeking revenge and leaving a trail of destruction. No blade was too sharp to pierce her black carapace, no spell too potent to char her flesh, no hero too courageous to stand against her and not run away immediately. When she finally arrived at the Silvermoon walls, everyone was praying for swift deaths. No one stood against her. None... but one. A lone figure in red robes, a fox by the side, was all between Eruina and the city.

Drawing upon all his reserves of arcane power, every trick he learned, every drop of mana, every obscure principle of spellcraft and magery...

...He cast the most powerful love charm in living memory...

...Upon himself.

A great roar was heard, and the monster exploded, covering everything nearby in a foul-smelling thick brown mist. As soon as the fog faded... it was Renard upon Eruina's lap, her showering him with kisses, promising eternal love.

And they lived happily ever after!

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