«Remember the day of the Coldwind,
When echo of battle resounded in fields.
Those fallen you honor, and pray for survived,
They lost their blood for save of your souls.

Remember your comrades, no matter of race,
Healers and medics, who spent nights in grace.
Remember the sunshine of newcoming day -
You see hope and glory in it's golden ray?

Remember the fifteenth, the breath of a Cold,
Remember Defensive of our Warsong Hold.
The head of a traitor impaled at gate -
Triumph of the Horde and enemy's fate.

Remember the Coldwind's fifteenth...»

T. Sunfury

Tenth day of Coldwind month (10th February)

T. Tyranelle Ana'reth Sunfury. Report to Highlord Tirion Fordring. Crusaders Pinnacle, Icecrown.

" As you ordered me, m'lord, I arrived to Warsong Hold at noted in orders time - thank the Light I did it before the attack on Hold. First people, I met inside, were medics - miss Sunbeam, Masozi and other troll lady, who's name, forgive me, I forgot for now.

Miss Sunny was very kind to make me introduce to infirmary - so I knew where is what. Tough, m'lord, I ask you of help with clear bedclothes for patients - there is real need of it. If it is possible - I'll be ready with Crusade wing riders to escort these supplies to Hold at morning. Following your orders, I was set to take care of fallen soldiers - assisting sir Hoarclave, of the Ebon Blade. Unfortunately, my arrival was quiet only first half of a hour - I was going to read a prayers for fallen and wounded, when attack started. I feel strong need in learning classic methods of healing, m'lord - when we got new wounded people, I couldn't really help our medics. Only holding one troll's bleeding, while Masozi were coming to us, took away too much power - I can't heal those, who can't accept the Light powers. And mostly there are people of that kind, who needs non-magical aid. Some of patients were injured again, when frostwyrm broke the Ward, getting down to infirmary, where was slayed, fortunately. I have seen some of patients trying to help those, fighting it. Think, it was lady Edanna - tough I'm not sure, who I shielded up - was hard to look back, with frostwyrm so close. After all wounded got their care and were bandaged up, everyone had some calm minutes - I pray the Light for giving medics more power to stand and help soldiers. They're doing saint work, giving away all they can - Light be with them! Before I left to report you here, army was preparing for an attack at necropolis - some Scourge forces remained there...I believe they succeeded - with Light blessings, with faith to glory, with honor and love to each other - it could not be other way. Now let me look for what I can try to deliver to Hold at morning - can't break a promise I gave to miss Sunny. Newcoming day will bring us a Hope. A victory. So I believe."

Twelfth day of Coldwind month (12th February )

Diary of T. Sunfury.
" We weren't able to leave Icecrown as I planned. Seems like he, let me leave his name unspoken, does everything, to make it worse - this snowstorm disturbed my plans and made me feel really bad. I don't like, when something goes wrong and keeps me away from my promises.
We depatrured only at this evening - storm still continued and we weren't able to pick up medicine supplies. Only clothes for new bandages, bedclothes and water. As much, as three drake riders could bring - flyers were terribly tired, when we arrived.
Miss Shra helped us to bring supplies down and I let men to leave back to Icecrown - I have no right to keep them away from duties. News about happened last day made me feel even worse - I was missing, when I could be really useful - Plague is something, I'm working at last months. Shame.
Chienna, as I heard was a name of that orc lady, told me all news and with Masozi ( poor one, she looks bad, I hope she will get better soon) pointed me at two fallen.
Light! Most of all I feel downed, when I see children dead. From very old times this picture takes me into commotion. And... I heard them both. Both souls, still wandering in Spirits world. I red a prayer for a Salvation to them and asked grunts to help with bodies - they were taken to Durotar. I haven't noticed Plague sings, so in two days I'll proceed funeral ritual. Tirion said, that I always should give two days for Spirits - maybe they'll wish to come back. This though is creepy a bit, but...Can I close ears and do not listen to him? I can't.
Later miss Tuvi asked for medicine supplies - these are very needed. I decided to head back to Icecrown - my poor Onyx, he is so tired now, when I write this. I asked m'lord Gremkarc's permission to leave immediately and left as soon, as he granted it.
It is almost three hours past midnight, and I still hadn't sleep - just completed supplies preparations. Tirion said I should head to Tundra trough Crystalsong and Dragonblight - seems like there is ambush near Citadel again. Need to mark a path on a map now. Enough of my visits to the Scourge, I can't fail, so it's better to listen to his advice and avoid flying across Icecrown.
Need to let drakes get a rest. I hope we will departure at afternoon, or at least before sundown. Should ask Wyrmrest for help? Should I?...
Almost dawn. Need to report to Tirion and feed drakes. Light be with us. All."

Thirteenth day of Coldwind month ( 13th February)

T. Sunfury. Report to Highlord Tirion Fordring. Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra.

«Greetings, m'lord. I hope you had a news from crusader Novelos, about our safe arrival into Hold with supplies – let me also notice, that Wyrmrest Accord drakes escorted us to Tundra, as it was promised. I'm only ashamed of making a mistake in our path – it went too close to necropolis on border of Tundra and Dragonblight. Though, thank the Light, our drakes were fast enough to pass it in time, before we could been attacked. For now it's all I can and wish to let you know. Hope to see you soon – I'm missing our lessons. But I'm learning here also, from our medics, you know..Now, I won't waste time for words. Light be with you, m'lord.»

Diary of T.Sunfury, same day late evening, before the midnight.

«How naive we are sometimes, when wish to make everything better and try to help others...

No, it's not how I must start this post – and not, what I should say. I can't show, that I'm downed – I can't be! Light, give me strenght to overcome that minute of weakness, and forgive me it – you only know, that I'm trying to be strong always.

A hour, or maybe less, after Novelos left Hold – some grunts under my control took care about supplies we got here from Pinnacle, as I promised to miss Tuvi – medicines.

It was so quiet here this evening... I don't know where was huge part of our defenders – maybe on mission, maybe just people were scouting around. But enemy always knows, when it's time for an attack...Ghouls, shades, gargoyles, even few death knights. It was first time I even used my powers for an attack...I was so worried about people, surrounding me there, that I let to release it into attacks...I blame myself, that I couldn't protect Screlen from getting his wound infected with Plague...He lost his arm, trying to save whole body from infection. This fight, even now, when it is again quiet here, remains in memory as something blurry and nightmare-looking like. I remember myself, falling into prayers, remember Grimscull, fighting these wretches. Remember Masozi, lifted into air by gargoyle – thank the Light, she was freed. Chienna, attacked by ghoul. Aenor, Mordrein, Allena, other death knight, whos name I don't know or just don't remember... Maybe forgot someone – can't name every of us, who were there...Remember barrel with Plague gas, that one of Scourge soldiers thrown. We ran out, to fresh air, while Hold was cured from gas...

It was first time for me, when I asked a permission to heal – mostly orcs do not trust our, priests, healings. Even Warchief, who knows me long and well, always refuses of my abilities after Alliance attacks. And I have never seen, that orc would take me by hand in silent agreement – thank you, Grimscull, for that. I hope the way I healed him wasn't too painful – I know the feeling, when it seems like you are taken into lava for few seconds. And only after that comes soothing gentle breeze. But even if it was too painful – he haven't shown that. It's thing I'm trying to learn from orcs – they know to hold strong. I was trying to make it less painful for Chienna – by these days she became very dear one to me. Just later, when we all were in infirmary and patients were received care, every of us could take a calm breath. We were talking quietly, trying to forget happened... Screlen slept on my shoulder, and Chienna, laid head on my lap – at least I could give them away some left warmth. I know, that Chienna is first of all orc, with their own faith, that we will never understand fully. But I'm afraid that it's enough for her – she's stressed...

Wish I our night would end with everyone falling asleep...Captain Darneil trying to help me – with what? I'm pale and weak, I have a fever. How to explain him, that it is only effect of being cured? That I need to rest a little, get a fresh air and just stay alone for some time? Why he don't understand that? I appreciate his care, but... As it's told in Virtues – we should not try to help those, who say, that they don't need it, because we can make harm, doing that. Compassion. I'm tired....I need a fresh air now, so I'll end this post.

Till the new Dawn.»

Fourteenth day of Coldwind month ( 14th February)

Diary of T.Sunfury

«Morning. Quiet. Everyone is sleeping still. Two days passed...I need to complete, what I must. Waiting for zeppelin now. Will proceed funerals for those, who were taken to Durotar last days. Hope, it won't take long and when I'll come back – it will be same silence in Hold, as it is now...Calm and peaceful. Everyone is sleeping...»


«It's a week, when every of us can prove, who we are – not to others, but ourselves. After a long day, that I spent in Durotar, dealing with funerals – my mind decided to get a rest. No wonders – I haven't slept for three days. Seems like I made few travels from Durotar to Tundra and back, sleeping under someone's cloak. And news, that I got, when came back to Hold, weren't really nice...

Medics told me, that there was an attack of raptors on Hold, even Dred was there. My poor Chienna – I doubt it was good wake up for her, after last evening. Though, she was sleeping when I came – maybe she should get back to home, better? People are speaking of huge army of enemy, gathering at Temple...Messenger from front line let us know about it. Seems like Paggorn going to make a last strike...When? This night? I hope not. People need to rest today. Need to regain powers, spent in battle.

Light! Give these people strenght – I do not know, what in every of them believe – but it's only Light, I can ask of protection for them.

So quiet now...Silence, before the Storm.

... They won't take away our pride of being a Horde. Never!»

Fifteenth day of Coldwind month ( 15th February)

Diary of T.Sunfury

«It is today. Are you ready? Are we ready for that? I am. We all are. I'm calm and sure in our victory. These people can't fail – just see their faces, just look into their eyes. I feel proud of being here, with them, even staying away from front line, even just helping medics.

Take a deep breath, my brothers and sisters. Hold strong and calm. May your weapons be leaded by sure and light hand, but strike our enemy hard. May the Eternal Blessings be upon you, protecting you and your friends from critical wounds.

Take a deep breath. It's today.»


«Yes...We were worried about them all. What time we spent, standing and looking up – listening to sounds of battle – I don't know. I just remember when someone took lady Edanna to us. She was our first and most critical, because of a lot of burns. Hours of defense passed, army went to attack... We had a work, but maybe it's bad, that not enough to keep our thoughts away from fight. What I'm saying? I'm glad, we had few injured. Though, I heard some were fallen...Do not fear the Death – we can't wish better end for them, than one of a battle. Then was that troll, Tajin – I remember him from days, when Xalevai and myself helped him...Then Verdauga – medics got a real trouble with him, before we soothed his mind a bit and Shra could help with his broken legs. Then two more...That guy, messenger from front and lady knight, who's name I didn't know then. I helped Aenor with that lady – she was unconscious and I couldn't ask directly for permission to heal her...But I seen Light sparks, living in her soul – it was enough to give her a heal, as much as I could give then.

Most painful was to see soldiers, trying to stand up and go back to fight...And we could do nothing, to stop them. And when we took care of every injured – there came silence...

...Silence, that in a while was replaced with their voices...I heard m'lord Gremkarc, asking everyone to come infront of Hold. All my actions then were like in a dream – I only thought...Victory. Victory. This battle is over. I helped Aelita, who woken up, to stand up and went outside with her...Sad only I couldn't do the same for lady Edanna. Our people, whos return we were awaiting in infirmary with hope...I haven't noticed few our warriors....I'm sure their death was easy and honorable. Though, should ask scouts to look battlefield trough, maybe someone survived and just needs help...But I haven't thought about it then. I even couldn't say anything – only once, «For the Horde», I managed to let out with everyone. Air, filled with smell of victory. Have you even felt it? Smell of Victory? None flowers will give the same feeling, making heart beat faster and stronger.

Now may head of Paggorn be at gates of our Hold! May our enemies see, that noone can defeat us and we proved that with his death.

It is late evening now...Masozi offered me mug of 'juice'. She have a nice sence of humor, really. Adding medical alcohol to juice...Well. It helped to calm down. I left only after all injured were evacuated. Back to home. To safety.

How it will be, to come back here in a while and find, that here is no our medics?... I'm missing them already. Everyone. This week made us to feel responsibility for each other.

Because we are one. Only blind and mindless won't understand that.

Now I'm sure – we can overcome troubles. We are one now.

My life to the Horde.»

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