Riar Tu'laa
Riar Tu'laa image
Riar shows off one of her dresses
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Faction Alliance
Health 1667
Level 55
Status Healthy
Location Changes often

Physical TraitsEdit

  • Tall like most Draenei
  • Quite frail
  • (See picture)




Riar developed a great passion for tailoring when she first came to stormwind. Now she is very talented at it.


  • Tula - Mother
  • Jerol - Father


When Riar landed on Azeroth, she made it her duty to care for her injured kin, when her services were no longer needed on Azuremyst she decided to make a pilgrimage to the alliance capital of Stormwind, going via Ironforge. As she reached the dangerous marshes of the wetlands she was saved by a mage named Barbreath whom accompanied her to Stormwind. Since being in stormwind Riar has become more confident and less dependant on the light, she still holds on hoping to meet that special someone.

Family BackgroundEdit

Riar's family remain on Outland.

Criminal RecordEdit


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