Name Edit

Ritsu Darkleaf

Physical Traits Edit

Being a Death knight Ritsu has slightly different coloured eyes to normal night elves, but she still has the same colour and shade of skin she had before becoming a death knight. Ritsu has no visable scars and usually wears a hood to cover her face and is normally wearing the death knight starting gear

Race and Class Edit

Night elf Death knight (used to be a young warrior)

Guild Edit

Ritsu is currently not part of a guild. But before becoming a death knight she was a Private in Horizon.

Occupation Edit

Ritsu has no proffetion or occupation

Family Edit

Ritsu has a Father, Mother and one Brother. It is unknown who her brother is as he left the family when Ritsu was very young. Ritsu currently has no contact with her family as they belive she has died, and are unaware of her being turned into a Death knight

Background Edit

Ritsu was once a young warrior (aged 200) who left home following a series of aruging with her parents. Ritsu used to be very rude and loud, which was the main source of the arguing. One of the last things said to her by her father was "Go join the military..see if that will sort you out" Following this Ritsu joined Horizon. While out on a mission for Horizon to kill ougures in Duskwood Ritsu was killed by the Ogures and changed into a death knight by the scourge at Raven Hill. Ritsu was made to be sent straight into the battle at light's hope...reciving no training before the battle.

Since becoming a death knight Ritsu has been unsure what to now do with her life.

Family Background Edit

Ritsu has had a troubled family life started off by the leaving of her Brother who she has no memory of. She has never had a good relationship with her parents.

Criminal Record Edit

Ritsu has no criminal record

Personal Notes Edit

Ritsu speaks with an accent, it is unknown how she came to have this accent as her parents do not speak like her.