Romeron Shadowfen was an expert Arcanist, his giant white beard and hair made his resemble the classic aged human Archmage as opposed to the slick young Kaldorei wizard he was. He taught many young hopefuls, he was honored enough to marry into a noble family with Highborne connections and had a home in Zin-Azshari's central district.

He cut off all ties with his family, and evoked the wrath of the Warden Kayandre Shadowfen who challenged him to a duel. It was here that he realized the woman was his sister. He was a good friend of her Mate, Tatharian Stormdancer. He taught his sister in the arts of Arcane magic, though she never took a fancy to it she was perhaps the greatest student he had had.

Romeron was killed in home when the Burning Legion marched on Zin-Azshari.

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