Ruhn Lifekeeper is a water Shaman, he is calm, pure, but vulnerable. Sometimes he can be like the waves in the storm, quite desctructive. He cleanses and uses the Element Earth to support. He only uses fire on those that don't deserve to live.

Name Edit

Ruhn Lifekeeper the Noble

Physical TraitsEdit

A red spotted Tauren, with hanging horns. He has blue Eyes and a soft nose.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Shaman


The Thousand Eyes


Ruhn makes his money with fishing, cooking, leather crafting and he shortly started to be a emergency fysician.


The Lifekeepers are one of the smallest Tauren clans, originated in Felwood. Ruhn's only living relevants are the Dawnstriders in Tunder Bluff. Tough he considers Narm as family too.


Ruhn's father grew up in Feralas and the Lifekeepers had a good life. Hern Lifekeeper could not stand staying at one place and so traveled around kalimdor. During this travels he met Seljah Dawnstrider. When Seljah got pregnant of Ruhn they went back to feralas, so Ruhn could grow up there. When Ruhn was 36 years old, the demons of old came back and his clan had to flee. By losing his family Ruhn was lucky to came across the skychaser clan and Narm took him, and continued raising him as his own. The Skychaser where the wisest and strongest Tauren Shamans ever known and so Ruhn came very close with the spirits. On one day a Spirit of Water called upon him, from strange distant lands over sea,torn by a great disease. Which was, acording to the Spirit, in conection with the returning of the demons. Four years later Orcs came to Kalimdor and aided the Bloodhoofs with the centaur. Folowed by the Humans who stalked the Orcs. Folowed by the Scourge who stalked them both and made the Night Elves undertake action. Oh I am repeating history now. Anyway, when Tunderbluff was rebuild recently Ruhn found out that all there where no Lifekeepers who had joined the Tauren Union of Clans. So Ruhn stayed with the Skychasers and Ocasionally visiting his mothers family. But not so long ago Beram Skychaser asked Ruhn to go to the Red Cloud Mesa and do something with the call of the Water Spirit. Only a few days after that Dagrim Rockwalker came back, as a Death Knight. Dagrim was Beram's favorite student untill he went to the Eastern Plaguelands to study the life there instead of Unguro Crater, what Beram assigned him too. Soon after nothing was heard of him. Dagrim had lost his memory and was asking for help. So Beram asked Ruhn to stay out of the Plaguelands, until further notice. Ruhn and Dagrim had contact for a while. But suddenly Dagrim gave Ruhn an inheritage of Ruhn's parents, without giving answers to all the questions, he only said that they would never meet again.

Recent Events of note Edit

Ruhn was contacted by his nurse, who said that he was strong enough to recontact the Spirit of Water. But it was a long yourney accross the globe, which tested his patience even more than all the tests before. But it was worth every step, every minute, every kill and purification. Because at the end of the test, he met the Spirit of Water. "You are now ready to start your path of cleansing and healing, destroyer of every abomination of earth and outside corrupters." she siad.

During this long trial he read a note in the Tunder Bluff in. A note that interested him very much. The note was about a group of people who shared many of his ideas, so Ruhn contacted Braan Firetotem and joined the The Thousand Eyes.

Criminal RecordEdit

No crimes recorded

Personal NotesEdit

Dutch guy born in march 1989. Has played wow since 2005. Recently (April 2009) swithed from playing Alliance on Bladefist, to Horde on The Sha'tar. Playes and Dm's Dungeons and Dragons.

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