Name Edit

Lady Sabarra Stormcrest;

Baroness Stormcrest;


Physical Traits Edit

Sabarra is a classical beauty. Medium height, fine featured and curvy in all the right places, she has bright blue eyes, golden blonde hair and skin that's been tanned bronze by long and frequent stays in the sun. Perhaps in her late twenties, perhaps early thirties, she has lost any naivete (and perhaps innocence), yet maintained a youthful enthusiasm that makes her, in a word, magnetic. She smiles often and brightly, and doesn't hide her emotions, though she rarely loses her temper.

Her nobility becomes evident sooner or later; her intelligence, much earlier. Yet she nonetheless speaks and acts most like a sailor.

Race and Class Edit

Human Mage

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Sabarra captains a cargo and trade vessel called the Zodiac. At heart she is an explorer, looking for all things new and exotic, but she also has the mind of a businesswoman, and won't pass up on the chance to make some money.

When it comes to handcrafts, she leans towards the fine tuning, being a passable tailor and jewelcrafter. Mostly she prefers simply to prospect and appraise, though.

Family Edit

Her crew is her family.

She was closest to her adoptive father, baron and admiral Edwin Stormcrest, until his death two years ago. Since then, she has no actual family relations.

Background Edit

Sabarra was found adrift amongst flotsam at the coast of Stranglethorn Vale at roughly the age of one year; Edwin Stormcrest, commandeering the Zodiac as it was back then, a military vessel, took a liking to the baby and raised her as his own, eventually adopting her. When they were in port, she attended schools and learned basic skills; when they were at sea, she studied with her father and his trustees, deepening her education. Her arcane talent manifested early on, and she harnessed it fast, joining the crew as a battlemage after her twentieth birthday, when her father finally allowed her.

Admiral Stormcrest was an old man when he found Sabarra, and eventually, age caught up to him. After months spent bed-ridden, he finally passed away, and since he was a widow with no children of his own, his title, fortune and his ship were all inherited by her. For a while, she continued in his footsteps, chasing pirates on the high seas and bringing outlaws to justice under the flag of Stormwind, but she was no military woman, and gradually, her own plans were put into action. Now, as the fight has been taken to Northrend, Sabarra has decided to fill the integral position of supply and transportation, shipping goods, soldiers and civilian passengers alike from one continent to another.

And treasure hunting, but that's a different story.

Family Background Edit

As above.

Criminal Record Edit

A few old charges of disorderly conduct and being intoxicated in a public place; has been accused of smuggling on several occasions, but charges dropped for lack of evidence.

Personal Notes Edit

Level 17. Shite.

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