Quell'Serrar - High Blade to The House of Flying Daggers


Jazbolt-Rum Deal

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Sagaris D'Silva

Physical Traits Edit

Silver hair, golden toned skin.

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Sindorei Rogue

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Retired. Ex Horde covert agent.

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Currently retired to Nagrand, Sagaris or 'Ris' to his close allies still dabbles the occasional deal. Trading <D'silva Rum> with the Mag'har he gets by day to day. Often day dreams of his time as Quell'Serrar - High Blade to The House of Flying Daggers and the covert missions he undertook. From the early days of smuggling goods from Stormwind through Booty Bay up to his current retirement, 'Ris' has made many allies and enemies. None quite as famous as his long time friend, Geis Archrion. Whom he met in Booty Bay over a wild card game.

Gambling has gained Sagaris much through his life, none more so than his old bar, <D'silva's Bar, World's End Tavern>. Coincidentally he has lost much through card, dice games.

One time he was trusted to form a covert underworld society known as, The House of Flying Daggers. They were elite Rogues, all working together to gain intel and resources to turn the tide of war (if it ever broke out) and make the horde one-step ahead of the Alliance. Each elite rogue had his own name, never using their real names would ensue safety if ever caught. (A list of Daggers will be implemented ).

An acclomplished dagger wielder and supreme escape artist, passing this knowledge down to the only student he had. After the news from his General Mokvar (Appointed General the The House of Flying daggers by Thrall) that the Daggers be disbanded as The Shattered Hand grew in ranks, he was told to seek an audience with Master Apothecary Faranell. The Apothecary told D'silva that the Society needed a mentor for a new test subject. Agreeing to this task Sagaris was paid very well before hand. using the gold he set up his retirement home abve nagrand in a hollowed out tree upon a floating isle. From here he started the training of the forsaken Rogue, Pryme

Family Background Edit


Tamora D'silva's death

Sagaris had a sister. Tamora D'silva, she was working for the farstriders. Often undertaking undercover work. She was killed on sight when her cover was comprimised within the ranks of the <Blood Elf bandits>

Criminal Record Edit

Racketering, cleared due to evidence being missplaced. Petty crimes as mugging, burglary when younger

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