Salali of Thunderbluff.

Physical TraitsEdit

A typical looking Tauren with the exception of constantly singed fur and slightly milky eyes. Always accompanied by her blue plainstrider, Saphire.


None as yet. She's a lone hunter, she's looking for a pack but has not yet found the right one.


Huntress. Chef. Fisherwoman. Maker of BANGS, CRASHES and BOOMS. Miner.


No known relatives, she's happiest in the company of animals.


Salali was born with a sight defect which made her the runt of the group of Shu’Halo she was raised amongst. As a consequence she was shy with very little confidence and paranoia by the bucket-load. She was made to feel useless by her peers and, although the Elders tried to protect her from this bullying, she believed every mean thing she was told about herself. She reached a point where she thought she would just become another beggar to sit atop Thunder Bluff hoping others would take pity on her.

This all changed when she met a chronically cheerful, mad, pink plainstrider who seemed determined to be her friend. With the aid of her mental pet Salali learnt that not only could she hunt, she could do it rather efficiently. Sometimes she even hit the target she was aiming for as well as anything within a one mile radius.

Over a period of years, with the aid of various squeaks and squeals, the two developed a system which meant that Salali knew in which direction to point her gun, how big her target was and how well the fight was going. It was during this learning process that Salali discovered the joys of blowing things up and tinkering with mechanical objects.

This passion horrified her Elders who believed she should not be allowed anywhere near anything that went ‘bang’. After witnessing her skills and regrowing their singed fur they agreed that although she was a little on the dangerous side, her abilities were undeniable. Salali began hunter training in earnest and has become a confident, if somewhat eccentric, Tauren.

Watching her craft her wares is an experience to behold, mostly from a safe distance. Her bird brings her what she needs, squeaking if something appears incorrect and mournfully bleating when once again Salali bids farewell to her eyebrows and pigtails.

With the aid of her engineering Salali managed to make herself some goggles which have cleared her vision a little. She is no less dangerous since she has become so reliant on her other senses and on her pet that she frequently disregards anything she actually sees. Her favourite items are her mechanical squirrel which is usually found riding around on the back of her bird, her oh so fluffy sheep which usually explodes at her feet and her trusty land mine collection.

During a very strange day spent in an ecodome in Netherstorm, Mazzranache turned blue. Salali thought he had been rolling in the mana berries but his colour never returned to pink. After a time she renamed him Sapphire to match his beautful new hue.

Salali is a skilled miner although she replies upon her pet to spot the nodes and lead her to them.

The PlayerEdit

Alliance: Elraynah Dawnmantle - Night Elf Priestess, Kelnairia - Night Elf Druid, Maralah - Night Elf Death Knight.

Hordies: Zalinjia of The Barrens - Troll Priestess, Salali - Tauren Hunter, Draaksha - Troll Priestess, Ethete - Tauren Druid, Marresh - Orc Warrior.

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