Sarissa Dawnstrike Edit

Name and Title Edit


Age Edit

She has just come of age, about 20 In human terms, which I believe is about 75 in Elven

Appearance Edit

Her eyes glow sharp and green with a gleem of mischeif. A bow and Quiver hung over her shoulder and a small dagger at her waist. A small charm hangs on a necklace around her neck. Her fingertips are rough, the skin on her digets scared unnoticably. She has two Tattoo's normally hidden by her clothes, a large Raven is spead out across her shoulderblades, it's tail feathers reaching to her mid back, it's wings spead with about 100 or so carefully inked feathers. On her left Collar bone there is a eleborate Dragon head, its snake like body winding over her shoulder round her back, under here arm and winding in an S shape down her side, ending at her hipbone.

Sarissa is nearly always whislting very quietly, she rarely speaks. Few know that she can. Often simply using body language and her whistling to communicate. Her voice soft and melodic when heard, almost a whisper.

Deceptive. She is as deadly as she is mysterious.

Background Edit


Family And Friends Edit

Hey Wolf, Ollie.

Criminal Record Edit

None that is known of.

Other Alt's/Mains Edit

Achaia Archrion

Issabella Dawnweaver

Alyxandria A'lorai

Pictures Edit

To come when Model Viewer gets Updated :)

Theme Song and Quotes Edit

He who does not know how to be silent will not know how to speak. - Ausonius |}

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