By Eyel

Full Synopsis Edit

Chapter One Edit

Set backs! Is my work pointless? Is it the reason for my failures?"
It was far past midnight, in the middle of the dark room sat a man. Alone with only a small candle pouring light on the table he leaned on and his face. A face that had lost all off it's pride. His robe was but a rag, no longer the finely tailored costume it once was. No longer did the eyes of Eyel Scoffleton sparkle with burning desire. Desire for wealth, for influence, but above all a desire for power.

For years had the man pursued a dream for power, to wield over the destiny off thousands of others. But it had all been folly. Only now did he came to realise his pursuit was nothing more than a wild goose chase. The illusion of a fool.

At first the seemingly easy power that the Fel offered seemed like a way to speed up his way to succes. Why waste your time on hypocritcal restrictions? The Arcane tapping Mages did praticly the same as he, but would mark him as an outcast? He didn't care for other's opinions anyway, it was not like they could stop him just by giving him weird looks or falling silent till he was gone, like the common folk used to do whenever he walked past.

But the Fel was not to blame for his failures, it was his own doing. It had to be! Who did all the planning? Who checked the plan for flaws? Who hired the men for the job? There was no alternative, he had brought this upon himself. With a tormented sigh, like a prisoner who comes to realise he will never see the outside again, he put his face in his cold hands.

The man was but a shell of his former stature. His rational mind, like the walls of Lordaeron, had become nothing more than a ruin. His spirit broken by defeat, on defeat, on defeat. His head was like an empty empty house with an open door...

Chapter Two Edit

The figure that entered was hard to properly make out. A bright light behind it casted a shadow over it's features. It stepped into the room, leaving the bright light at the doorway. It looked around, the light banishing a part of the darkness.

"What a mess!" It spoke. Atleast that was what Eyel assumed, the figure's features were still hidden and he didn't saw a jaw moving.
"You dissapoint me Scoffleton." The figure appeared to be human, a man perhaps. It's voice penetrated Eyel with every word. It's words flowing through him.
"I would have expected more resistance." The man spoke softly but to Eyel every word was deafening.
"But then I wouldn't be here, I suppose." He laughed. Eyel grinned waterly, not knowing why he did it but not caring either.
"Oh, you're making this too easy now." Whispered the man. Eventhough the man was on the other side of the room, Eyel heared him clearly.
"Is this what remains of the great Eyel Scoffleton? The man that would restore the family name? I doubt even you truely believed that you'd do that. Just like your plans to 'rule' Stormwind. You knew it was folly before you even began." It was true, his ambitions were always high, never satisfied with second place and only wanting the best. It was this ambition that had sparked his journey, to bring glory to the damaged family name. To make sure he and his family could live in peace again, like they used to.

"Oh and you're little expedition to secure that tool - what did you called again, Netherstone? - to aid you? You really shouldn't fool yourself like that. It could never have shielded you against me, even if you did manage to get it."
Eyel's eyes looked puzzled. He thought the stone to be a good weapon to gain dominion over the city. Nothing else.
"Oh come on now Eyel! This is exactly what I mean! You always knew, don't pretend you didn't. Oh, well, it doesn't matter anymore really." The figure walked closer to the table, the weak light off the candle revealing some of it's face.
"You had potential Eyel, I'll be the first to admit that. But you have become truely lost." The man spoke uncaringly and continued to walk towards the table. Eyel looked at the brightly lit doorway. It seemed much further away from him now, the light no longer burned his eyes.
He looked up at the man standing before him on the other side of the desk. The man's features were completely lit by the small candle now. He gasped! It was like he was looking into a mirror only were his green eyes a deep brown and had he lost his beard.
"You've did this upon yourself and I'm sorry you force me to do this.. brother."
With a loud thud the door fell shut. A colt jolt of pain sweeped through Eyel. Eventhough the dagger only penetrated his chest, his head felt like it was stabbed aswell.
"Actually..I'm not!" The blow had hit him back and off his chair. Eyel could see the man, the man he had once shared his youth with, cackling, like a madman. He looked at the doorway but there was nothing, only darkness...

Chapter Three Edit

The headache that woke him up almost caused him to faint again. His head was pounding like a Ogre with a mace. He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids wouldn't cooperate. Trying to sit up didn't work either. Eyel tried to think what had happened. It had felt so real, like he really had..died. But here he was, exhausted and suffering a sever headache, but alive.

He tried to think about what he was doing. Memorising his failed attemps. Thinking back he didn't felt the bitterness he had felt before, only anger. It seemed to empower his body and he tried to sit up again. With less than little effort he rose to his feet.

He didn't know exactly what to think but he felt more..more energytic, more than he had felt in a long time anyway. Even with the headache still pounding on his brain, he felt good, great even.
He looked through the dark room and noticed the small candle on his desk. The fire had died out hours ago. Eyel looked at his hands and focused. Within a second there appeared a small dancing sparkle of fire. Eyel looked at the candle and it ignited, burning happily in the dark.
Relieved that his powers had not left him in his weakened state he grinned. Atleast he meant to grin. He had the weird urge to laugh, eventhough he didn't thought this was exceptional humorous. Before he realised it he was cackling, filling the chamber with his hollow laughter. He tried to stop, but he couldn't!
Almost choking he snapped for air and fell to his knees, still grinning like a naughty schoolboy.

"Wh-What's happening t-to me?" He said to himself when he finally caught his breath.
"Don't you remember?" Said a cool voice. Eyel looked around, but couldn't see anyone in the dark. He lifted himself up again and shouted, still heavily breathing:"Where are you!?"
"I'm riiiight..HERE!" Eyel turned around and for a moment he thought he saw a black cloud leap at him. Swaying his arms wildly in the air he heared a familiar voice, cackling.
"Oh-oh if you c-could see you right now. I-it's really too much. Hahaha."
Hesitating no longer Eyel quickly sparked a ball of fire and swirled around the room, igniting candles and torches as it passed along. Within a few seconds the whole room was lit. Amazed he stared into the, apart from himself, empty room.

" can't be!"
"Oh but it can and you know it."
For the first time in a long time Eyel felt fear again..

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