"As magic is responsible for some of the world's greatest evils, so too is magic the greatest tool against evil"

Introduction to the ScourgeslayerEdit

Sunlance art by volkan baga

Sunlance, co. Wizards of the Coast

This name is used by multitalented soldiers in the endless war against evil on Azeroth, arcane casters who infuse their magic the Holy Light, giving them the power to cleanse the world of wickedness and depravity. Although they lack divine spellcasting, they make up for this shortfall by their powerful holy invocations that help them smite evil whenever and wherever it appears.

Scourgeslayers believe in their cause with a zeal that rivals that of Paladins and with arcane power to back up their convictions. Thankfully for many others, the cause is an agreeable one: the destruction of evil. More often than not they believe that arcane magic is the greatest weapon of all and they intend not to stop until they have gained enough to scourge the world around them clean of wickedness.

Scourgeslayers mostly recruit from typical Human arcanists with a militant attitude who have "seen the light" and have taken up the mantle of righteousness. Draenei Scourgeslayers aren't unheard of, as it gives them the ability to infuse Light-given energies into their arcane spells. Most Gnomes lack the devotion to become Scourgeslayer. Elves, Blood and High, might find the role of the Sunlord/Sunlady more suited to their heritage.

Some religious organizations disdain arcane magic as less pure than granted by the light, but factions like the Argent Dawn or Scarlet Crusade understand the tactical advantage Light-empowered arcane casters offer to the cause. Those who join the Scarlet Crusade often find themselves losing their holy power due to many violations of the Code of Conduct this formation commits.

The Path of the Scourgeslayer Edit

Many are the tales of Scourgeslayers whose egos have inflated to the point where they committed horrendous acts in the name of greater good.... which always ended in them losing their Light-granted powers. Granted is the keyword, because a Scourgeslayer may keep his powers only if he adheres to a special code of conduct, not quite unsimilar to that of crusading Paladins. This code is quite instinctive, but some Scourgeslayers have codified it, which gave it the following form:

You shall devote yourself to the destruction of evil, particularly those who use evil magic and innately evil creatures.
You shall not resort to evil methods to achieve either and any of these goals.
You may briefly ignore a lesser evil for the sake of defeating a greater one*, but otherwise you shall make every reasonable effort to obliterate evil wherever you find it.
Should you ever violate this code or step outside of what is considered acceptable good-aligned behaviour, you lose the abilities Light has granted you.
*This, combined with the first point, means there is a truce with Warlocks and Death Knights who don't actively commit evil deeds... at least until the Lich King is gone.

As is the case of all paths that grant divine abilities to those who do not usually enjoy them (such as the Divine Arcanist), the aspiring Scourgeslayer must prove his unwavering devotion to the cause of righteousness before the first abilities begin to manifest. As the devotion grows, so does the power. However, in opposition to the Divine Arcanist, the Scourgeslayers' magic is focused towards scouring evil from the world, preferably through cleansing fire.

The sign of Light smiling upon the Scourgeslayer is a straightfoward increase of power of his spells when wielded in a cause that is good and just. However, this comes at a price, because the Holy Light weakens and hampers his magic when used to cast spells of evil nature to the point of disabling them completely. Once the Scourgeslayer has gained enough experience and shows enough devotion, he or she may find their spells infused with holy might which damages evil creatures beyond the spell's normal capacity and cuts through their magical resistances more easily. However, using Scorch as an alignment test is considered a bad idea - people lost their powers because of it!

Scourgeslayers have a status similar to Paladins as champions of the Light and protectors of the weak. However, if zealotry gets the better of them, causing them to display merciless behaviour, single-minded devotion to the cause or even willingness to sacrifice innocents for the "greater good", they are excommunicated and stripped of the light-given part of their abilities with jaw-dropping speed and efficiency. Whereas a fallen Paladin's cause my take years, officials need days, even hours for a Scourgeslayer.

Suggested representative classes Edit

  • Mage - Preferably fire-specced, due to the "cleansing, holy fire" concept
  • Priest - Discipline specced, doesn't heal in RP

Scourgeslayers of the Sha'tar Edit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

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