Screlen Sin'Anar
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Faction The Horde, Blood knight order, The Rising Phoenix.
Health Good
Level 80
Status Alive.
Location Northrend, usually.

Screlen Sin'Anar Edit

Blood Knight Master




Screlen use a combination of melee and light magic. He usualy use a two-hander, sword or axe, and is therefor easier to fight with fast and agile weapons, alternative ranger weapons or magics.

Scelen's fighting style is based for a two-handed weapon, and he is skilled with them after much training. The fact he use a two-hander gives him longer range on his attacks and harder attacks, but limits his speed. He can still parry attacks, but would be quite open if attacked by two at once. His holy magic in battle is limited o shocks/bolts of light, ment to harm, as well as short time shield, that absorb damage but doesnt stop a knock away effect, the shield spell also drain his energy fast, meaning he cant hold it up for very long. Screlen can still use healing magic, but his healing spells are slow and not really useable under a fight.



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